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Utilities Department

Attica Utilities Department

(765) 793-2449

Fire & Police Dispatch

305 E. Main St.

Attica, IN 47918

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 8:00AM -4:00PM

Need to Pay Your Utility Bill?


The City of Attica water system is comprised of two wells located within the corporate limits along with 18 miles of main and supply lines. One elevated storage tank provides 500,000 gallons of water storage capacity and a reservoir that also contains 500,000 gallons of capacity. The certified operator licensed with the State of Indiana holds both Water Distribution and Water Treatment III certifications. The average demand on the system is over 525,000 gallons per day. The City provides over 1,300 residential, commercial, and industrial units with water service. Water meters are read for billing on about the 20th of each month.


The City of Attica wastewater utility serves over 1,300 units on the system. The certified operator licensed with the State of Indiana holds a Class II wastewater certification. The City currently operates a Class II, 665,000 gallons per day trickling filter treatment facility consisting of an influent flow meter, a comminutor, a grit chamber, primary settling tanks, biological trickling filters, secondary settling tanks, chlorination/dechlorination facilities, and an effluent flow meter. Sewer charges are based on water consumption.

Trash & Yard Waste

The City of Attica contracts Trash Kans LLC for trash pickup. Trash is picked up every Monday and Tuesday. Monday trash pick-up is West of the center of Council Street and South of the center of Jackson Street. Tuesday trash pick-up is East of the center of Council Street and North of the center of Jackson Street. The yard waste is picked up by the City and should be placed in biodegradable bags. Tree limbs should be bundled and tied to less than a 3 foot square. Please report any problems or misses with trash pick-up to Trash Kans LLC at (765) 447-9000.

Trash pick-up is included in your water utility service. Trash is scheduled to be picked up on Mondays if your residence is south of Jackson and West of Council. It will be on Tuesday if your residence is North of Jackson and East of Council. Trash may not be put out before noon on Sunday/Monday.

Any questions may be directed to Trash Kans at 1-765-447-9000 or by contacting the clerk’s office.

Bagged leaves, twigs, and other landscape materials shall be set by the curb and picked up as time permits. You must use BIODEGRADABLE BAGS. These may be purchased at County Market, Krug Lumber or other stores. In the fall, leaves that are raked to the curb will be picked up with the leaf machine accordingly. Please do not Burning of leaves is NOT permitted.

The Fountain County Solid Waste District provides recycling trailers for Attica residents on Mill Street across from the City Garage.

The items accepted at this location are as follows: please note that any items that are too large to place in the openings on the trailers SHOULD NOT be left outside the trailers


Provided by Duke Energy


Provided by CenterPoint Energy


The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 22 miles of public streets including paving, patching and snow plowing. The department is also responsible for coordinating road improvements, overseeing infrastructure installation and maintaining drainage ways.

Post Office

Voter Registration

You may obtain a voter registration application online or by calling the Fountain County Courthouse at 765-793-2192

Tornado Warning

At 10:00 a.m. on the first Tuesday of every month, Fountain County Regional Dispatch runs a test of the Tornado Warning siren.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. Click Here. There is an additional charge to use a debit card or credit card.

Your bill is always due on the 20th of each month. If you do not pay by the due date, late fees will be assessed the following business day.

If you do not pay the past due amount by the 10th of the month, your service will be disconnected. A $75.00 reconnect fee will be assessed to restore your service.

Prior to the disconnection of service, the Board of Works, shall provide an opportunity for the account holder to present evidence regarding an extension of payment. The Board of Works meet on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 5:00 pm.

Yes, we can automatically take your payment out of your bank account with no charge. We have an authorization form to fill out.

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