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Sidewalk Program

  • Property owner is to fill out the Sidewalk Replacement Program application and return it to the Attica City Clerk’s Office.
  • If selected, property owner pays for half of the concrete and installation at the Clerk’s office before the work begins. The City Public Works department will remove the old sidewalk.
  • A sidewalk section may not be split. If any portion of a section is on the adjoining property, the complete section will be replaced as if it were the applicants. The sidewalk program is intended to replace large lengths of sidewalks – not 1 or 2 five foot sections. The replacement of only one or two sections is more expensive due to minimum charges.
  • Handicap accessible sidewalks will be installed at intersections where required. The cost for replacement of crosswalks and alleys will be paid for by the City under this program.
  • The City of Attica will select a concrete contractor to do the sidewalk replacement work each year. The homeowner participating in this 50/50 will have to use the selected contractor.

Community Events Sign

The City of Attica Bulletin Board is designed for non-profit, noncommercial use to residents of various events, services and/or activities that are occurring in the City of Attica or are of interest to or involve Attica residents. Preference for these announcements will go to the Attica local governmental news, Attica Parks & Recreation and Attica Public Library first.

Non-profit organizations and groups, schools, and local government(s) that perform services in the City of Attica may utilize the Bulletin Board.

  • The City of Attica will only accept messages that promote an event or service rendered by a bona fide non-profit organization or an individual or individuals acting in behalf of a non-profit cause for community benefit. Any message that clearly promotes a product, service or event from which one person or a for-profit business stands to gain revenue or publicity, will not be accepted.
  • The City of Attica will not accept a message promoting the candidacy of one particular person or “ticket”, nor will it accept a message which in and of itself promotes one particular side of a political or controversial issue. A non-partisan message that intends to promote the general health of a political debate will be accepted, as will an announcement of an event allowing public debate.
  • The City of Attica will consider public service announcements that are submitted for special events that may be considered for-profit such as farmers markets, community wide yard sales and benefit the quality of life in the community for public information purposes. Upon approval of the City Council, the public service announcement will display as time allows.
  • Announcements from commercial businesses will not be considered.

Messages for the City of Attica local governmental news, City of Attica Parks & Recreation and Attica Public Library will be given first priority. Messages submitted by bona fide non-profit organizations or ad hoc non-profit groups that reside in the City of Attica will be given second priority. All other non-profit organizations will be shown on a first come, first served basis. Each non-profit organization will be given one screen (page) on the bulletin board.

The City Bulletin Board WILL NOT display the following:

  • endorsements of any products or services;
  • solicitation of monetary donations or contributions;
  • endorsement of political candidates or ballot measures;
  • promotion of lottery information;
  • libelous, slanderous or illegal material, or;
  • obscene or indecent material.
  • A City Bulletin Board Request Form must be completed for each entry or announcement at the City Clerk’s Office.
  • Requested information must be typed or printed clearly on the request form.
  • The City of Attica should receive all requests at least two weeks prior to the date of the scheduled event or activity to allow time for processing.
  • Public service announcements that are submitted must be for non-commercial public information purposes and will be displayed as space and time allows. Requests for public service announcements must be resubmitted monthly.
  • If for any reason an event or activity is cancelled, the City of Attica must be notified immediately.
    The City of Attica reserves the right to accept or reject said requests based upon the City Bulletin Board Guidelines.
  • Public service announcements will display for approximately four (4) weeks. After four (4) weeks, the public service announcement must be resubmitted for display.
  • City Bulletin Board Request Forms are to be returned to: Attica City Clerk’s Office.