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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Fire Department

Serving the City of Attica and Townships of Davis, Logan and Shawnee.

The Attica Fire Department was founded in the late 1800s. Today the department consists of twenty-one (21) state-certified, volunteer firefighters, providing fire protection, emergency medical assistance, hazmat response, and rescue operations to the citizens of our community.

Mission Statement

To provide quality and efficient Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services to residents and customers within the community.

Attica Fire Department Trucks


Engine 1-0

Purchased in 2011.  1,500 GPM pump, 1,200 ft. of 3 inch hose, rescue equipment, ventilation and first aid equipment.


Squad 1-4

Rope rescue equipment, first aid equipment.


Squad 1-7

Purchased in 2000.  350 GPM pump, 300 gallons of water, foam tanks, rescue/extrication equipment, first aid equipment.


Tanker 1-1

Purchased in 2011.  1,000 gpm pump, 2,200 gallons of water, 2,000 gallons dump tank.


Tower 1-6

100 ft. Aerial Tower purchased in 2000.  Has a 2,000 gpm pump, salvage equipment, ventilation and lighting equipment.

Attica Fire Department Application

Attica Fire Department Application

Please fill out the application and return to:

Attica Fire Department
305 East Main Street
Attica, IN 47918

If you have questions, please call: 765-585-0971

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