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Friday, September 24, 2021

City Council

The City Council is the legislative branch of local City government and is responsible for adopting budgets, levying taxes, and authorizing financial appropriations to fund the various City operations, as well as enacting, repealing, or amending local laws. The Council also appoints members to certain boards and commissions that serve the community in various areas. The Council meets the second Monday each month at 6 P.M.

The Council may hold special meetings as the need arises. These meetings will be posted on the City’s digital sign board as well as other public areas.

Vacating an Alley

  • A petition to vacate the alley is presented to the Council. This petition should include the legal description and the name of all adjacent properties.
  • Council sets a public hearing date (usually the next council meeting).
  • Public hearing notice is published and sent to utility companies.
  • City Attorney prepares the Ordinance.
  • Public hearing occurs to hear any concerns. Council then votes on the Ordinance.

Checklist for Requesting Rezoning

  • You have already submitted a building permit and have been informed that it has been denied.
  • Submit a letter to the Common Council for the City of Attica which includes the following information (most information is already on your building permit).
    • The legal description for the property to be rezoned and the common mailing address. The legal description is found on your deed.
    • A scale drawing showing the dimensions and sizes of the real estate to be rezoned and the buildings thereon.
    • The present zoning classification of the property and the classification you are requesting. This is the reason your building permit was denied and the building commissioner will tell you the proper classification needed.
    • The purpose of the rezoning, that is what you intend to do with the land.
    • The name and address of all interested parties. This wold be all adjoining property owners including directly across the street.
  • This letter can be submitted to the clerk’s office to be presented at the next council meeting or you can attend the next council meeting and submit personally (2nd Monday of the month). At the council meeting a date will be set for the zoning committee to meet and the city attorney will publish two legal notices at your expense. The clerk’s office will contact you with the hearing date so that you are able to proceed.
  • The applicant will then submit to the clerk’s office an affidavit that the applicant has notified, in wiring, all of the interested parties as identified above of the request for rezoning and of the hearing date. In addition, you will need to pick up a placard that will place on the property to be rezoned for at least ten days prior to the hearing date.
  • Attend the hearing date so that you are able to answer any questions.
  • The zoning committee then makes a recommendation to the common council and at the next council meeting a vote will be taken to formally change the zoning. Note council meeting occur monthly, so at minimum this process will take 1 month.