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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Application for Improvement Location Permit

Basics for R-1 Districts

Lot size required: 7200 sq. ft. or greater

Lot coverage with structures: 30% interior lot, 35% corner lot

Building height: maximum 35′

Garage or accessory building height: maximum 18′

Garage or accessory building setback: 3′ from side or rear line if it is more than 10 ft. from principal building, 5′ rear or side line if it is closer than 10 ft. from principal building.

Set back from front line: 25′ (or average setback as other homes in area)

Side yard set back: minimum 5′ (interior lot), minimum 15′ (corner lot)

Rear yard: minimum 15′

No fences or shrubs in front yard above 3′

Fences from front edge of house to rear yard may be 8′ high max.

There may be other information not listed here regarding these districts, please check with the building commissioner as some changes may have been made regarding certain areas.

Garage Information

  1. A garage or accessory building may be up to 18′ from the ground to the peak.
  2. The garage or accessory building may be built 3′ from the property line if it is further than 10; from the main building (house).
  3. If it is closer than 10′ from the house it must be 5′ from the property line.
  4. he garage or accessory building may be taller than 18′ but then must be placed 1′ further in for each 2′ over the maximum height. (Example: 4′ in for 20′ high building) maximum height is 25′ for any accessory building or garage.
  5. The garage may not be taller than the house.

There may be additional information not listed. Please consult with building commissioner.

  • Proposed Construction Location

  • Legal Description from deed must be attached (can also be looked up on Fountain County Assessor Website)
  • NameAddress 
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  • Description of Proposed Construction

  • A detailed, to scale, drawing of the existing lot, present structures and the proposed new structure must be attached to the application.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, zip.
    Accepted file extensions: jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, zip.
  • Certification

    I have read the information given above and herby agree that any construction at the address shall be made in accordance with the specifications given. I further agree that as a consideration of any improvement location permit, I will follow and be governed by the Zoning Ordinance and Flood damage prevention regulations adopted by the Attica City Common Council, a copy of which I may secure from the Clerk/Treasurer's Office.

    I understand that a Certificate of Occupancy is required before the building may be occupied. If construction is not started within 90 days or is discontinued for 180 days, this permit is null and void.

    The information contained in this permit is true, complete, and correct.