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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

City Forms

Sidewalk Program

  • Property owner is to fill out the Sidewalk Replacement Program application and return it to the Attica City Clerk’s Office.
  • If selected, property owner pays for half of the concrete and installation at the Clerk’s office before the work begins. The City Public Works department will remove the old sidewalk.
  • A sidewalk section may not be split. If any portion of a section is on the adjoining property, the complete section will be replaced as if it were the applicants. The sidewalk program is intended to replace large lengths of sidewalks – not 1 or 2 five foot sections. The replacement of only one or two sections is more expensive due to minimum charges.
  • Handicap accessible sidewalks will be installed at intersections where required. The cost for replacement of crosswalks and alleys will be paid for by the City under this program.
  • The City of Attica will select a concrete contractor to do the sidewalk replacement work each year. The homeowner participating in this 50/50 will have to use the selected contractor.
Application for Sidewalk Replacement Program Download Printable Form

Improvement Location Permit

Application for Improvement Location Permit Download Printable Form

Community Events Sign

Community Events Sign Form Download Printable Form

Request for Use of City Facilities

Request for Use of City Facilities Form Download Printable Form

Attica Park Program Registration Form

Attica Park Program Registration Form Download Printable Form

Chicken or Rabbit License Application

Chicken or Rabbit License Application Form


ADA Notice ADA Grievance Procedure Title II of the American with Disabilities Act Form


Ordinance # 6, 2016 – ATV Application for ATV