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Friday, September 24, 2021


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Trash pick-up is included in your water utility service. Trash is scheduled to be picked up on Thursdays if your residence is south of Jackson (US 28) and West of Council (US 41). It will be on Friday if your residence is North of Jackson (US 28) and East of Council (US 41). In the event that a holiday occurs in the week, Thursday pick-up will become Friday pick-up and Friday pick-up will become Saturday pick-up. Any questions may be directed to Allied Waste at 1-800-797-9097 or by contacting the Clerk’s office. City Ordinance states that your blue trash barrel should not be placed out on the curb for pick-up before noon the day before your trash pick-up date. Likewise, your trash barrel should be stowed away, off the city curb/street, no later than noon the day after your scheduled trash pick-up day. Thank you for keeping our city beautiful!

Bagged leaves, twigs, and other landscape materials shall be set by the curb and picked up as time permits on no set schedule. Only items left on the curb in front of your residence will be picked up. Yard waste left in the alley will not be picked up by the city. Pick-up will not be as frequent during December-March unless a storm occurs that brings down a lot of debris around the city.

The City requests that you use biodegradable bags to collect yard waste for pick-up. These may be purchased at County Market, Neumayr Lumber and other stores. Yard waste placed in regular plastic bags will not be collected by the city.

During the month of November, the City will operate a leaf vac throughout all city streets. Leaves that are raked to the curb will be collected. Please do not put brush in with the leaves as the machine is unable to vacuum anything but leaves. A second pass of all city streets will take place dependent upon weather. Burning of leaves is NOT permitted.

Items Not Allowed To Be Picked Up By Contracted Trash Company

Items Not Allowed To Be Picked Up By Contracted Trash Company

  • Construction Or Demolition Debris Greater Than One Cubic Yard
  • Barrels-Unless Rinsed And/Or Empty With Both Ends Cut Off
  • Cars, Trucks, Mobile Homes, Buses (No Vehicles)
  • Corrosive Waste
  • Electronic Goods
  • Empty Tanks-Gas, Oil, Fuel, Unless Rinsed And/Or Empty And Cut In Half
  • Flammable Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Large Quantities Of Fluorescent Light Tubes
  • Liquids
  • Medical Waste
  • Paint
  • Paint Cans Unless Empty
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Septic Waste
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Solids
  • Tires
  • Unused Oils-Motor, Hydraulic, Mineral, Cutting, Etc.
  • White Goods-Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Etc.
  • Yard Waste Or Landscape Waste

Other utility services:

  • Gas: Vectren 1-800-227-1376
  • Electric: Duke Energy 1-800-521-2232

For utility rates, please read Attica Utilities .

In the event of an emergency dial 911. For all non-emergencies you may reach the police at (765) 793-2449.

All dogs within the city limits must be licensed annually (January 1 – December 31) for a fee of $5 for each neutered make and spayed female and $10 for each unneutered male and unspayed female. You may purchase a license at the City Clerk’s office. All animals must be controlled by the owner at all times. Animals running at large will be impounded.

At 10:00 AM on the first Tuesday of every month, Fountain County Regional Dispatch runs a test of the Tornado Warning siren.

You may obtain a voter registration application from the City Clerk’s office or by calling the Fountain County Courthouse at (765) 793-2192.

The Attica Post Office is located at 107 E. Main St. (765) 762-3360.

Fountain County Solid Waste District

The Fountain County Solid Waste District provides recycling trailers for Attica residents on Mill Street across from the City Garage. The items accepted at this location are as follows:
(please note that any items that are too large to place in the openings on the trailers SHOULD NOT be left outside the trailers)