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Friday, September 24, 2021

News & Updates

Council Proceedings – July 12, 2021

The Common Council for the City of Attica met on July 12, 2021, at 6:00 P.M.

Those present at the meeting were: Council Members; Mr. Larry Grant, Mrs. Valarie Maus, Mrs. Kaylie Carnahan, Mrs. Patricia Hargan and Mr. Scott Voorhees, Also, present were Attorney Jud Barce, Mayor Duane Roderick, and Deputy Clerk Mikki Hubbard, Clerk-Treasurer Joanne Broadwater was not present.


  • Voorhees made a motion to approve the minutes from the June 14th, 2021, council meeting, Grant seconded, all were in favor and the motion passed.


  • Attica Citizens Leslie Davis & James Timberlake were present and petitioned for the alley running N/S in the 400 Block of E. Washington St. between lots 26 & 27 be vacated.  There has been a number of safety issues with regards to the travel on this alley.  Mr. Barce stated that the petition would need to be advertised and the requesting parties would need to pay for the advertisement as well as the recording fees. This will be set up for the August 9, 2021 meeting.  Voorhees made a motion for the alley to remain blocked at this time and Grant seconded it.
  • John Hunt & Kelly Frodge of Attica Heritage Days were present and reported that Heritage Days has been awarded a grant from the Indiana Arts Commission.  This Grant will be used for a Music Festival at Ouabache Park on Saturday September 18 from 2:00-9:00 p.m. There will be multiple musicians, tickets will be $30.00 each.  John and Kelly also stated they may be in need of more space for vendors. They are planning to talk with the residents on Main St. to see if blocking that area off would be an option if needed.




Eric Swank Director of Public Works:

  • Mr. Swank has requested that a portion of the ARP funds be used for the following:
  • Raw pumps for the wastewater treatment plant, these were not included in the most recent sewer project.  The current sewer pumps are 30+ years old.  The cost to replace 3 pumps would run around $90,000.00.
  • The water distribution center has communication problems, Eric is requesting a Cellular System with BL Anderson be put in place, the initial cost would be approximately $11,000.00 for the 1st year of the cellular contract and each additional year is $1,236.00 per year.
  • The Air Stripper has been having issues with the level sensor failing, a sonar sensor would cost between $2,500.00-$3,500.00.

Police Chief Powell:

  • Present; he proposed Officers be allowed to choose an elective for Comp time pay/bank each year.  Barce said there would need to be a resolution for this and it need to be added to the City’s Personnel Handbook.
  • Chief requested Covid Hazard Pay for Officers who were employed during the Pandemic, this money would be used from the ARP funds we receive, he is requesting $1200.00 per employee.  A resolution would need to be passed for this as well.

Chief Little, Fire Chief:

  • Present; Chief Little handed out pamphlets with information regarding Fire Protection Territories.  He discussed that Davis Township is not paying a fair share, that Attica has the largest territory of Shawnee, Davis and Logan.  A Fire Protection Territory would levy the tax and bring in revenue for the city.  The Council decided to review the pamphlet and discuss again at the August meeting.

Mr. Pycke, Building Commissioner:  

  • Present; Mr. Pycke reported 907 E. Summit is torn down, 202 W. Yount St. was removed from unsafe building list.  Upcoming, 2 hearings, 4 review hearings and 1 property maintenance.  Attorney Mallory Redlin was asked to send a letter to 430 E. Main St. Mr. Pycke also stated that Culligan is working to secure their building located at 110 E. Ferry St.
  • Rod Bannon, Economic Development Director:
  • Not present

Joanne Broadwater, Clerk-Treasurer:

  • Not present


  • Tags for trash cans need to be ordered.  Eric and Chief Powell are getting a list together regarding dead trees.
  • Solar Ordinance, any changes needing to be made should be done prior to the Plan Commission Meeting July 20th @ 6:00 pm.  A Special Council Meeting regarding Solar only was scheduled for July 21st @ 6:00 pm.  Special exceptions go before the BZA, we should charge a development application fee.
  • Attorney Barce presented a PETITION TO CANCEL PROPERTY TAX DEBT FOR PROPERTY OWNED BY THE CITY OF ATTICA, INDIANA, Grant made a motion to sign and submit petition to cancel property tax debt, Maus seconded, all were in favor.  Barce will present this to the Fountain County Auditor, Assessor and Treasurer.
  • Ordinance NO. 2021-0614 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE 2021 SALARY ORDINANCE was signed by Sponsoring Council Member, Patricia Hargan and Mayor, Duane Roderick.




Roderick stated he had no further business and requested a motion to adjourn. The next regular Council meeting will be held Monday, August 9th, 2021, at 6:00pm.

Maus made the motion to adjourn, Hargan seconded, all were in favor, motion passed, meeting adjourned.