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Saturday, July 24, 2021

News & Updates

Council Proceedings – April 12, 2021

The Common Council for the City of Attica met on April 12th, 2021, at 6:00 P.M.

Those present at the meeting were: Council Members; Mr. Larry Grant, Mrs. Kaylie Carnahan, Mrs. Valarie Maus, Mrs. Patricia Hargan and Mr. Scott Voorhees, Also, present were Attorney Jud Barce, Mayor Duane Roderick, and Clerk-Treasurer Joanne Broadwater.

Mayor Roderick swore in two new City of Attica Police Officers, Harrison Lescak, and Brendon Cheever. The Council members congratulated our new officers and wished them well.

The regular council meeting was suspended to hold a public hearing for the City of Attica Water Improvement Project. See separate minutes for this hearing.

The regular meeting of the Attica City Council was resumed.


  • Maus made a motion to approve the minutes from the March 8th, 2021 council meeting, Voorhees seconded, all were in favor and the motion passed.


  • Nancy Brian stated she and many others are concerned by the rush of immigrants at the southern border, and that children are being transported all over the United Stated. She wants to know what the Attica City Council’s response will be when they reach Attica. Hargan spoke on behalf of the city saying the city does not have a plan in place at this time, but child protective services would be called. Roderick said he would contact Joe Whitaker the County EMA director to see what type of plan the county has in place. Ms. Brian then asked what the city will do when legislation is passed to take guns away from citizens. Attorney Jud Barce stated firearms are covered by Federal law and the City will follow Federal law. If the law in unconstitutional then it will be challenged in court.




Eric Swank Director of Public Works:

  • Not present

Acting Police Chief Askren:

  • Updated the Council on the two new officers hired by the city.
  • Garret Miller graduated from the Police Academy.
  • Askren stated he was able to purchase enough ammunition for new officers to have for their academy training.
  • The officers are working on Ordinance violations in the city.

Chief Little, Fire Chief:

  • Reported that the new Fire Department brush truck has been ordered and should arrive within the next month.
  • The department has received a $6500.00 grant from the Community Foundation to outfit the skid unit.
  • The siren at the city building was not working but has been repaired. The batteries were replaced.
  • Little discussed the township fire contracts and recommended that the fee for this service be increased by 5% for the 2022 calendar year. He stated the city has not increased these rates for at least 15 years. There was discussion by the Council on the recommendation and agreed.

Mr. Pycke, Building Commissioner:  

  • Pycke reported that there were four unsafe building hearings at the last Board of Works meeting and the UBO for 902 E. Main Street was released, 404 S. Perry St., 907 E. Summit St. and 206 W. Pike St. were continued to the first BOW meeting in June.

Rod Bannon, Economic Development Director:

  • Was not present.

Joanne Broadwater, Clerk-Treasurer:

  • Broadwater provided current Financials and a copy of the annual “TIF” report that was submitted through Indiana Gateway on April 12th, 2021.


  • Damon Desutter, Park Board President. Asked the Council if they could establish a community garden at Ravine Park. Damon gave details on their plan. Damon also asked to meet with the Council to have a public discussion regarding the pool.

    There was some discussion regarding the current state of the pool.

    Roderick brought up the Park Program Director salary and stated that we approved $17.00 per hour for the 2021 salary but feels she should be paid $20.00 per hour. The Council discussed this recommendation. Roderick stated the director does a great job. Roderick asked if the Council is in favor of increasing the directors pay, and that an amendment to the salary ordinance would need to be made. Broadwater brought up the park custodian position is also salary and asked it needed to be changed to hourly. Attorney Barce explained how this position can be paid hourly without losing any pay. Roderick stated he explained this to the employee who has this position and that it would be figured out but the Clerk and City Attorney.

    Carnahan stated she found the 2021 salary ordinance and the park director position was approved at $15.00 per hour, the assistant is $12.00 per hour, and the counselors are $10.00 per hour. Roderick asked if the Council wants to amend the salary ordinance for these employees. Voorhees asked how a pay increase from $15.00 to $20.00 per hour would compare with other city employees wage increases whose jobs are also difficult. Roderick stated he did a wage comparison to other cities, but Covington did not have a park program director that he could see, but the counselors and lifeguards were in line with what Attica pays. Hargan asked what the Williamsport park director is paid, Roderick stated $3000.00. Discussion continued. Roderick stated this discussion will be tabled until the next meeting.

  • Roderick asked if the Council wanted to discuss parking. Barce stated he did not have the Ordinance with revisions with him but would get them to the Council.
  • Roderick mentioned to Acting Chief Askren that he has had numerous complaints regarding trash cans not being taken back off the street. The Council had some discussion regarding how to handle this issue. Grant asked if the city could create an informational brochure to give out to new residents when they establish service, that would explain how city services work? All agreed that this is a good idea, Broadwater will create a draft for Council review.


  • Barce discussed the ARP funds the city will receive. He explained that a spending plan needs to be adopted to use the funds. Barce suggested that a special working, public, meeting be scheduled for the Council to discuss how they want to spend the ARP money. Grant asked if we could also discuss the need for a new EMS building. The ARP Ordinance was not passed at this meeting.
  • Carnahan asked if we heard anything from the individuals that made an offer on the 3 city lots, Barce stated they withdrew their offer because they could not meet the timeline for construction due to the current high cost of construction materials.
  • Voorhees asked if any progress has been made on the annexation of property owned by Kyle Knosp, Barce stated he did not have an update at this time.
  • Roderick asked if the Council is available for a Park Board meeting on April 26th, Roderick stated both the park and ARP could be discussed. The Council agreed to this date and time.




Roderick stated he had no further business and requested a motion to adjourn. The next regular Council meeting will be held Monday, May 10th, 2021 at 6:00pm.

Maus made the motion to adjourn, Hargan seconded, all were in favor, motion passed, meeting adjourned.