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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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Council Proceedings – August 10, 2020 & August 17, 2020

The Common Council for the City of Attica met on August 10th and then the meeting was continued to August 17th, 2020, at 6:00 P.M. due to a major storm and loss of power to the city building.

Those present at the meeting were: Council Members; Mr. Larry Grant, Mrs. Kaylie Carnahan, Mrs. Valarie Maus, Mrs. Patricia Hargan and Mr. Scott Voorhees. Also present were: Attorney Jud Barce, Mayor Duane Roderick, and Clerk-Treasurer Joanne Broadwater.


Grant made a motion to approve the minutes for the July 13th, 2020 Council Meeting. Carnahan seconded, all were in favor and the motion passed.

Maus made a motion to approve the minutes for the June 23rd, 2020 Special Council Meeting, Grant seconded, all were in favor and the motion passed.

Hargan made a motion to approve the minutes for the August 14th, 2020 Special Council Meeting, Voorhees seconded, all were in favor and the motion passed.

Mayor Roderick recognized Ben and Mary Bowles for all time and work they have put in on the North end of the town. Mayor Roderick presented Ben with a certificate of recognition and told him that the City of Attica would be dedicating West Street park in their honor, it will be renamed “Ben and Mary Bowles Park”.

The Park Board, represented by Brian Duncan, spoke to the board and community members about the city pool. HWC engineers were present and discussed different replacement plans for the pool as well as ways to fund the project. Questions of the board and the community were taken and addressed by HWC and the park board.

Mayor Roderick presented MR. Vail a certificate of heroism.


Cindy Cline made a presentation on behalf of Lisa Badgley, about a new early learning center they are starting. The group requested the city modify College St. to allow safe parent drop off and pick up of children at the west side entrance to the Attica Elementary school. Larry Grant made a motion to make College St. one way from south to north between Washington Street and Jackson St. with 15-minute parking on the East side of the street, Maus seconded the motion, all were in favor, motion passed.

Larry Briles spoke asking the city to blacktop the road into their addition. Jud indicated that the “road” they are referring to is not recognized by the city as an official street, but as private property. Attorney Barce explained how private property is turned into a public roadway.




Eric Swank:

Presented the estimate for the repair of Park Ave. with several options for repairing the bad spots on the road. Larry Grant made a motion to move forward with option B presented and to pay for the repairs out of the Riverboat Gambling Fund and or the General Rainy day fund, Voorhees seconded the motion, all were in favor, motion passed.

Chief Durnil:

Reported Officer Smyth is still at the academy. The second Durango will be picked up in the next week and decaled.

Chief presented on the status of the departments defibs, and requested the Council approve the purchase of new defibs for each police car. Chief Durnil reported it is his understanding that the city would be reimbursed out of the Covid grant money. Voorhees made a motion to purchase 7 Lifepack 1000 from Strycker, Carnahan seconded, all were in favor, motion passed.

Chief reported that 8 officers are due to have a new bullet proof vests. He stated he has a grant of $3200.00 to assist in paying for new vests. Chief estimated the total cost to purchase the vests would be $7500, with $3200, coming from the grant. Carnahan asked the Chief to get a quote.

Durnil had nothing further to report.

Chief Little:

Little reported the storms caused a power outage which created a delay in response time due to the fire department doors not working. Mike stated the city needs to consider a backup power source. Grant asked Mike to get the council a quote. Eric stated he would contact Huston Electric because they provided the generator for the sewage plant.

Little also presented the quote for the special washer and dryer that would clean up to 6 sets of gear at one time, sanitize the uniforms for Covid, and it would also speed up the time to do this. The cost for this set can be reimbursed through the Covid grant. Carnahan made a motion to purchase the washer and dryer set for the Fire Department, Voorhees seconded the motion, all were in favor, motion passed.

The council had a discussion regarding parking on both sides of narrow streets and potential blocking the ability of emergency vehicles to access those streets.

Mr. Pycke:

Reported that he has been asked to look at 3 properties since the last meeting.

*200 W. Pike street

*102 David Drive

*800 block S. McDonald has a pool and no fence.

Rod Bannon: 

Reported that there are several economic development projects in the works. Bannon presented the 200 S. Perry St. project including how the project would be funded, including leveraging of tax credits. Bannon shared drawings of the proposed development to the council.


Roderick reported that he has had a lot of complaints about people parking in their yards. Roderick passed out Ordinances from other cities showing how they handle this problem and asked the council to look over these so it could be discussed at the next meeting.


Ingrid Barce brought up that she found the state minimum requirements regarding enclosures around pools, which is what the city previously adopted. The council discussed this at length. Hargan made a motion that the city send notices out to residences that are not in compliance with state statues regarding enclosures around pools giving them 14 days to come into compliance with the statute, Voorhees seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Roderick stated to apply for tax credits for our development plan the council needs to adopt the City of Attica’s Comprehensive plan from 2016. Carnahan made a motion to adopt the Comprehensive plan, Maus seconded, all were in favor, motion passed.

Roderick asked for discussion regarding Covid repayment plans and utility updates.

Utilities were discussed first. It was the consensus of the council that any new utility service established will require a $200.00 deposit. Attorney Barce reported on a program called T-Rex which is a tax intercept program for outstanding utilities.

Voorhees stated the council previously agreed that the city would not allow payment agreements for back utilities.

Ms. Barce presented Covid payment plans. The IURC is recommending that up to 9 months for residents to catch their utilities up. The city does not fall under IURC guidelines so we can decide how long we want residents to catch up their bills. After discussion, the Council decided to allow up to 6 months under the payment agreements to catch their bills up. Hargan made a motion that we allow 6 months for the Covid relief payment plans, Grant seconded, all were in favor, motion passed.

Ms. Barce suggested that in addition to paying the current bill due at the time of the payment agreement, an additional good faith “payment” should be required. Hargan made a motion to amend the resolution to include a $25.00 good faith payment at the time the Covid payment agreement is made, Maus seconded, all were in favor, motion passed.

Roderick stated the City needed a resolution allowing the City to distribute the OCRA Covid Grant money to eligible businesses that applied for the grant. Cindy Mason stated the committee received 29 applications for this grant. Carnahan made a motion to authorize the submission of the OCRA Grant and to distribute funds, Hargan seconded, all were in favor, motion passed.

Roderick read the declaration that the City of Attica Common Council is the fiscal body for the Attica Public Library. Maus made a motion to accept, Hargan seconded, all were in favor, motion passed.


Grant suggested that the Council needs to discuss specific guidelines about who can drive golf carts and other motorized vehicles. It was also brought up that S. Perry street is experiencing an increase in vehicles exceeding the speed limit due to Badlands traffic.


Roderick stated he had no further business and requested a motion to adjourn. The next Council meeting will be held Monday, September 14th, 2020 at 6:00 pm.

Hargan made the motion to adjourn, Grant 2nded, all were in favor, motion passed. Meeting Adjourned.