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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

News & Updates

Council Proceedings – June 8, 2020

The Common Council for the City of Attica met on June 8th, 2020, at 6:00 P.M.

Those present at the meeting were: Council Members; Mr.  Larry Grant, Mrs. Kaylie Carnahan, Mrs. Valarie Maus, Mrs. Patricia Hargan and Mr. Scoot Voorhees. Also, present were: Attorney Jud Barce, Mayor, Duane Roderick and Clerk-Treasurer, Joanne Broadwater.


Grant made a motion to approve the minutes for the May 11th, 2020 Council Meeting Voorhees seconded, all were in favor and the motion passed.


Heritage Days – Asked permission to use Perry Street for a car show and McDonald park for the festival September 19th and 20th, there will be a parade on Sunday the 21st. The council gave permission for the festival.

Tracy Watson from Key homes of Lafayette appeared to address the council. Key Homes built a house in the Golf Ridge subdivision, when the mortgage survey was completed it was discovered that the house was 19 inches off. The back corner of the nook is 19 inches into the city’s easement. The surveyor stated there are no utilities in that area, the builder is requesting the city to grant a variance for these 19 inches by 20 inches. Watson stated that at the closing, this issue was protected by the insurance.

Barce indicated that the city can grant the variance. Grant asked if the city needs to file an amendment to the plat plan. Barce stated the correct way to handle the encroachment is to by releasing the easement by the 19-inch encroachment. Barce stated he could prepare a release of easement, Carnahan made a motion for Barce to prepare the document, Voorhees seconded, all were in favor, motion passed.




 Eric Swank:

Swank was not present.

Roderick reported that the city was granted approval by the DNR to put the millings on the gravel road down at the river front starting June 15th.

Chief Durnil:

Office Lucas Miller completed 80 hours out of 121 of academy time, the remaining hours will be completed online at the station either with Chief Durnil of Officer Askren by July 3rd. Office Smyth will be started late fall early winter, and officer Garrett Miller will begin after the first of the year.

The new laptops have been installed and are working great. Covington PD has asked to purchase 4 of the old laptops along with the mounts for $200.00 apiece. Durnil is asking for council permission to sell these to Covington. Roderick asked for discussion of this sale. The council was supportive of the sale of the laptops. We are two weeks away from picking up the two new Durango’s.

Durnil reported he asked the Merit Board meeting a week ago about a police officer hiring list that is expiring. Durnil asked the Merit Board to open a new hiring list even though there are not any cureent opeinings at this time but Chief Durnil would like to bring on two reserve officers, that way there is not a delay in filling a vacant position if the city has one. Durnil further explained how the hiring list works.

Voorhees asked if the take home program has been implemented, Durnil stated partially, officers are taking vehicles home if they work consecutive shifts. Once the Durango’s are here it will be fully implemented.

Durnil also provided details about the geo tagging system of the vehicles that thw city will be getting, is in progress.

Roderick reprted that he has two bids for additional security cameras. Cameras for the recycling center as well as the city building.

Durnil had no further comments.

Chief Little:

Not present.

Mr. Pycke:

Grant asked Pycke to look at 113 W. Pike St. at the back of the house is falling in. pycke said he checked on it and issued an unsafe building order. He has also received several other complaints about houses in direpair at the following addresses 204, 206 and 208 W. Pycke, Chief Durnil asked for him to look at 1110 N. Perry St., Pcyke stated each of thses properties need to be looked at more closely.

A different property on N. Perry street was mentioned that has been under construction for a long time with no progress. Roderick brought up building permits and a complaint that he received a garage that has been being built for over a year. Roderick asked if this issue had been addressed last year, grant answered in the affirmative, that building permits are good for 180 days. Hargan asked what the consequences are for non-compliance with the building permits? Roderick stated the person should be fined.

Grant stated he sent an email to Barce asking if fines can be assessed for building permits that are not applied for and approved prior to beginning a construction project? Grant stated this has happened several times lately and the homeowner will then pressure the city to push these permits through. Carnahan asked for an explanation of when you need a building permit. Grant explained how the building permit process works. Grant stated anything you do to alter the outside of your home needs a building permit.

Rod Bannon asked if the City has a “stop work order’ for situations where the property permit is not in place? Pycke stated not that he is aware of, Barce stated he could draft a document.

Pycke stated he is concerned about all the buildings he is being asked to look at, and if the city can deal with them. Carnahan asked, if anything is coming from these orders? Roderick stated fines have been issued if repairs are not made timely.

Grant asked about a specific downtown building, Bannon stated he is getting a price for demolition of buildings that may need demolished. Bannon also stated the city may apply for blight grants, this program was shut down due to Covid, but he believes it is open again. Bannon also stated we are working with a developer on what that space could potentially look like.

Pycke had no further comments.

Rod Bannon:

Bannon reported that he may be able to pull together a small onvestor group to begin building houses in the historic district. He has tried to bring in outside investors in the oast that hasn’t worked out, so he is focusing on local investors. The plans remain the same as to the type of buildings that local investors are considering.

On the tourism front Ed Bowen has volunteered to help create some global tourism efforts to attract people from outside the community.

Rod had no further comments.

Grant asked about a lot on the corner of West and Summit streets, it has a for sale sign in the yard. Grant thought the city owned the property. Roderick stated the city has been taking care of it and he thought the city owned it as well, but he will investigate it.

Barce asked if this is the property that was in bankruptcy, Roderick stated no, that was a building downtown. Roderick asked for an update on the bankruptcy. Barce stated the bankruptcy is over and Attorney Redlin is preparing an order on behalf of the city to take over this property. Barce believes the city would have priority over any other claims.

There was additional discussion regarding play equipment and tennis courts, Roderick updated the council on the new swing equipment and the company that resurfaced the tennis courts will be coming back to repair their work.

Hargan brought up the Jaguar business behind McDonald’s and asked if the city can ask them to build a fence. Roderick responded that the owner attended the BOW meeting the prior week and indicated at that meeting he is going to move the cars. Roderick did not know when, but the owner said he would move them. Grant reminded the council that the property is zoned light industrial and the current business meets that requirement. Bannon stated that if the city does not want “juck yards” in the city limits then they need to change their ordinances through the city planning commission.

Hargan asked the council to sign a proclamation stating, “we support all diversity” and would like it posed on the city website and Facebook page. Barce modified the proclamation into a Resolution, Hargan made a motion to accept this resolution, Carnahan seconded, all were in favor, the resolution passed. 


Durnil went on record to thank Mr. Grant and Mr. Dill for their assistance with the senior parade. The parade went off perfectly.

Roderick stated the fireworks have been changed from July 4th to Labor Day weekend.

Roderick asked if all council members were able to attend the SBOA exit meeting and the special utility meeting on June 18th 2020. Hargan responded she was not able to attend in person but could via zoom.


Roderick stated he had no further business and requested a motion to adjourn. The next Council meeting will be held Monday, June 18th, 2020 at 5:00pm, the next regularly scheduled Council meeting is July 13th at 6:00pm. 

Hargan made the motion to adjourn, Maus seconded, all were in favor motion passed. Meeting Adjourned.