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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Board of Works & Safety – August 4, 2020

The Board of Works and Safety for the City of Attica met, pursuant to Public Notice, on Tuesday, August 4th, 2020, at 5:00 P.M. in the City Council Room.

Present was Board Member, Andy Smart and Chris Gayler, also, present, Mayor Duane Roderick, and Clerk-Treasurer Joanne Broadwater.

Minutes from the previous meeting:

Smart made a motion to approve the minutes from the July 21th, 2020 meeting. Gayler seconded, all were in favor, and the motion passed.

Citizens petitions:

There were none.

Department Head Reports:

Director of Public Works, Eric Swank was not present.

Police Chief, Ed Durnil reported we have the new Durango, and will get the second one in a few weeks. Chief stated he spoke to the Mayor about getting defibs for each police car and these could be purchased through the “CARES ACT”. Chief is waiting on a quote.

Roderick also stated we are purchasing a washer and dryer that removes Covid from the uniforms and can be used by the fire and police department.

Attica Fire Chief, Mike Little, was not present

Building Commissioner, Jeff Pycke, reported that Gerald Hutts of 902 E. Main St. contacted him and asked Mr. Pycke to meet and discuss his UBO, Pycke stated there was not anything to discuss, the building needed to be brought up to code.

Unfinished Business:


New Business:

A proposal from Wyatt Communications was presented to upgrade the cities phone system and infrastructure for the internet. This would require running new cables and upgrading equipment in all city buildings including the Clerk, Police, Fire, Sewage Plant and City Garage.

Our current infrastructure cannot support the technology needs that the different city departments have. The upgrade to the phone system is proposed because our current phone system has been discontinued and maintenance is no longer supported. The new phone system would aslo allow for the installation of a “panic button” system for the clerk’s office.

The cost of the proposed upgrade is $ 5,127.21, this includes the hardware, and labor. Once upgraded there will be a cost saving to the city of approximately $200.00 per month on our monthly bills.

Smart mentioned he is concerned about cyber security; Roderick stated this proposal would address that issue.

Smart made a motion to approve the upgrade proposed through Wyatt Communications, Gayler seconded, all were in favor, motion passed.

Utility credits were presented, june Plams had a leak caused by a burst pipe, and leaky stool. The property management company reported both issued were fixed. The city was not able to verify the leak or repair due to the location of the meter. Smart indicated that the owners have done a lot of improvement to the property and there was no reason to doubt their statement, so he proposed that we approve half of the total sewer bill in the amount of $567.00 dollars in credit.

BOW member Smart motioned to approve the presented credits and Gayler 2nd, all were in favor motion passed.


The claims were presented by Mayor Roderick, Gayler made a motion to approve claims, Smart seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.

Miscellaneous Business:


Smart made a motion to adjourn and Gayler 2nd, all were in favor, motion passed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next Board of Works meeting will be held on Tuesday August 18th, 2020 at 5:00pm, in person, in the City Council meeting room.