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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Parks Board Meeting Minutes – June 23, 2020

Date and Time: 6:00 PM, June 23, 2020
Present: Board President Brian Duncan, Barb Foster, Justin Harmeson, Damon DeSutter
Location: McDonald Park

President Duncan called the meeting to order at 6:03 PM. The location of the meeting had to be changed to McDonald Park after the board was not able to get access to the Attica city building courtroom. Members of the public that planned to attend the meeting were supposed to be directed by Attica police to head to McDonald Park.

Karley DeSutter gave the board an update about the park program. She indicated that hiring packets have been filled out and returned. Activities for the summer have been planned out and she is confident that children will still have a well-rounded experience despite the interruption of COVID. T-shirts for the summer have also been ordered. The park program was awarded a 2nd grant ($500 from County Market, $500 from the community foundation) to ensure that the kids have food during the program.

Barb indicated that she talked to Joanne once again and that the expression swing is ready to order. She also reached out to local artists to garner interest in painting the basketball courts. One artist said the project was too large, the other has not returned her call. The board floated the idea of reaching out to the high school to have students in the art club paint the court. Brian will reach out to Claudia Paeth to see if this would be in the club’s interest.

The board then walked around McDonald Park to envision the idea of the fence, as well as check on the status of the park as a whole. Discussion was had about where placement of the expression swing would go.

Justin gave an update about trail signage costs and options on signage styles and information. Each sign would only cost $75 to produce and they are completely weatherproof and customizable. He also indicated that he knows someone who could help in the design of the sign. Next steps include finding information that the board wants to share with the public, pictures to go on the signs, and where the board would want to place each sign. Damon shared a large format map that he was able to print to make a cohesive plan for a connected trail system across all parks and the city. Brian said that he will pursue the SIA grant to cover costs of the signage.

Brian discussed the board setting up a meeting with important parties to begin the planning process of securing money for the pool project. The board will meet with the city council, Mayor Roderick, the community foundation, Main Street, the grant writer, and HWC to formulate an attacked approach of systematically raising funds and supplementing that with fundraising when necessary. This meeting will hopefully take place here in the next couple of weeks.

Brian motioned to adjourn at 7:07 PM. Damon seconded.

The next park board meeting will be July 28th at 6 PM in the city building courtroom.

Submitted by Justin Harmeson, who is solely responsible for any errors or omissions.