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Friday, June 18, 2021

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Parks Board Meeting Minutes – May 26, 2020

Date and Time: 6:00 PM, May 26, 2020
Present: Board President Brian Duncan, Justin Harmeson, Damon Desutter
Location: Attica City Building Courtroom

President Duncan called the meeting to order at 6:27 PM.

The first item of discussion was the Expression Swing. After securing funding, and Barb finding a suitable swing, the board wanted to move to get this project completed. Damon motioned to purchase the swing that Barb found. Justin seconded the motioned. Placement and location of the swing will be pending discussion with Eric Swank.

Discussion was had in regard to storage for the park program. The Amazon wishlist that Karley Gaylor shared on Facebook has seen incredible engagement with a lot of equipment being donated. Initially, the board discussed purchasing a small shed, but figured with the pool closure this year, equipment and park program snacks could be held in the concession stand area.

Damon found pricing for fence panels at the north and west boundaries of McDonald Park. This is to ensure the safety of children from crossing into the highway. It will also provide easier boundaries for future events.

Brian updated the board on the virtual meeting with Corey from HWC Engineering regarding breaking up the pool project to make securing money easier for grants, donations, and fundraising. Corey explained that the project could be completed in three phases, but phase two would be where serious money would need to be found. The first phase would be updating the bath house. This would involve making restroom facilities and access ADA accessible, expanding parking, landscaping, and other minimal projects. The second phase would be actual construction of the new pool. The third phase would be amenities for the pool (chairs, umbrellas, water slide, etc.). Corey explained sticking with the same contractor would be the best scenario to ensure continuity of the project. He will attempt to break phase two into as many possible bits and pieces.

Brian motioned to hire the park program slate of counselors that the board and park program directors interviewed and agreed upon. Damon seconded that motion. The park program will have 5 counselors, along with the director and assistant director.

Karley will be taking pictures of each park for the board to use on its new Facebook page. The page has been received well by the community and is proving an efficient way to reach individuals who would otherwise not come to the meeting, but would still like their opinions heard.

Damon is working on producing a large, laminated map that will serve as a blueprint for connecting existing trails. The goal is to connect the large trail systems that Attica parks currently has and create a cohesive and educational network, included with interpretive signs explaining key information of the area.

The board also met with Jud Barce, the city attorney, to discuss his role in the construction of Fowler’s new pool a couple weeks ago. Jud indicated several grants were found, including the DNR’s Land and Water Conservation grant. He also included information about the North Central Health Services and the possible routes the board could seek through them.

The board then brainstormed priorities for the future of the parks.

Damon motioned to adjourn at 7:42 PM. Brian seconded.

The next park board meeting will be June 9th at 6 PM in the city building courtroom.