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Friday, June 18, 2021

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Parks Board Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2020

Date and time:  5:00 PM, March 10, 2020
Present:  Mayor Duane Roderick, Board President Andy Smart, Board Vice President Barbara Foster, Brian Duncan, Mike Nicolas, new members Justin Harmeson and Damon Desutter.

President Smart called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM and recapped the minutes of the previous meeting.

The first order of business was acceptance of the voluntary resignations of Andy Smart and Mike Nicolas from the Parks Board, effective after the evenings meetings, and appointment of Justin Harmeson and Justin Desutter to the Board as new members.

Election of Board members was the next order of business with Brian Duncan elected Board President, Barbara Foster Vice President, and Justin Harmeson Recording secretary, all unanimously.

Andy Smart informed the new members of the legal basis of the Board and it’s powers and responsibilities.  He also informed them of the situation of the pool and it’s past problems, as well as other incidental Parks information.

Andy Smart then introduced Ed Bowen, who offered a tour of the park in Robinson, Illinois, which has built a splash pad and modernized the Park.  For scheduling, the Mayor said Thursday works best for him.  President Duncan asked everyone when they might be able to make the trip.

Andy Smart reported that as the new surface on the pickleball courts was failing, Derek Grey of Leslie Coatings had promised we would be one of their first customers to receive corrective action as soon as weather permits.

President Duncan announced that Parks Councilor interviews will be held at 10:00 AM, April 4th.

Andy Smart asked President Duncan to contact the School Superintendent about a spring clean-up day.

Andy Smart advised the new members to explore and use new means of communicating with the public in addition to the existing ones.

The special Parks Board meeting with the Public to discuss the Ravine Park pool facility was called to order at 6:00 PM.

Twenty members of the public attended.

Andy Smart introduced the two new Board members, recited a history of the pool and it’s problems, and informed those present that the Board desires input and ideas from the public about what should be done with the facility in the future and design and funding ideas.  It was suggested that a questionnaire could be sent out with the utility bills.

President Duncan read the formal statement announcing that the Pool had reached such a physical state that it would not open this summer and listed the many reasons why.  He then introduced Cory Whitesell, Project Manager with HWC engineering, which had done a preliminary assessment of the pool facility’s condition.

Mr. Whitesell said that he thought the facility was a great candidate for renovation and listed the problems he saw, primarily that the liners in all three pools are years past their rated life and badly deteriorated,  That the main drain is failing, and that modern codes now require separate pumps and filter systems for each pool if more than band-aid repairs are done.  We have a single pump and filter and three pools.  Also Americans with Disabilities Act required work will need to be done.

Mr. Whitesell then presented three possible options.  One a simple relining with some necessary repair work that would still leave us with a deteriorating sixty-seven year old pool.  Two, substituting some splash pad features for the two small pools and converting the main pool to a shallower depth and making it beach entry, and three, the same as two but with more splash pad features and a water slide to the top of the hill.  A design for a splash pad over the existing pool area was also presented.

Cost estimates ranged from about one hundred and fifty thousand to up to  two million, depending on the design chosen.

There was some discussion, with Mike Nicolas commenting that the estimates seemed high to him and that some of the features shown on the prospective plans were not as previously discussed.  He also informed Mr. Whitesell that he did not wish to seem hostile, but this was a large amount of money and that any discussion would be very frank.

Meeting adjourned about 7:30 PM.