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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Parks Board Meeting Minutes – January 14, 2020.

Date and time: 5:00 PM, January 14, 2020.
Present: Mayor Duane Roderick, Board President Andy Smart, Barbara Foster, Mike Nicolas.
Location: Attica City Building court room.

President Smart called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM. The entire meeting centered on the City Pool and it’s condition and possibilities.

President Smart introduced Cory Whitesell, Project Manager, and Kris May, Landscape Architect from HWC Engineering, who presented an initial evaluation and recommendations report. A final assessment and report are still pending.

Mr. Whitesell said the basic structure of the facility looks good and there is good potential for renovation. He said they will need to look behind the pool liner to accurately assess the condition of the concrete. The bathhouse is in fairly good condition but needs some ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) work and some repairs. the currently installed pool liners are five years beyond their rated life, and so much water is being lost that it requires constant chemical re-balancing to maintain acceptable pool water quality.

Three renovation options were discussed. Option one would be limited repair. That is, relining the three pools, repair of the main drain, and other mechanical repairs. Option two would be more extensive repairs and replacement of the pool water return gutter system. one problem with going beyond option one is that modern codes will then require a separate pump and filter system for each of the three pools. There is currently only one pump and filter system. Option three would be a partial conversion to a more modern facility that should be less expensive to operate and easier to maintain with splash pad/ water play features. If option three were chosen and the splash pad replaced the two small pools, the current filter system and existing new pump would be sufficient for the remaining pool.

There was then much discussion about what to do, how long it would take, and what it would cost. Option one is estimated to cost over $100,000. Anything more than a simple re-lining will require a closed season. It was pointed out that the expense of maintaining something old (58 years in this case) is often more expensive than buying new. It was suggested that a water slide be added from the top of the tall bank behind the pool.

It was pointed out that we will need a fundraising effort. Also, that no one wants to pay for an expensive pool liner now and then rework the facility in a year or two. It is not clear whether it will be possible to open the pool this summer.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM.

The next regular public meeting of the Attica Parks Board will be at 5:00 PM, February 11, 2020

Submitted by Mike Nicolas, who is solely responsible for all errors and omissions.