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Saturday, July 24, 2021

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Attica Area Zoning and Planning Commission – October 9, 2019

Members Present; President Larry Grant, Teal Briles, Sec., Cindy Mason, Robin Jordan, Matt Madden, Ed Bowen, Bill Craft.

Also Present; Jud Barce, City Attorney, Rod Banning, Economic Development Director, Mayor Duane Roderick, Susan Stoll, City Clerk Treasurer.

This meeting was in part to hold a public hearing to consider a Petition for Zone Map Change submitted by Achieve Marketing & Consulting LLC, requesting that the R1 Single-Family Residential zoning designation at 500 E. Jackson St., Attica, Indiana, be changed to R3 Multi-Family Residential District, to permit the applicant to lease rooms to more than two families through a leasing service such as or like Airbnb.

Meeting called to order.

First order of business was “Resolution # 1, 2019 Resolution of the City of Attica Plan Commission Approving an Amendment to a Declaratory Resolution Approved and Adopted by the Attica Redevelopment Commission”.  The Attica Redevelopment Commission approved their own resolution, “Resolution # 1, 2019 Resolution of the City of Attica Redevelopment Commission Approving an Amendment to the Declaratory Resolution and Economic Development Plan for the Attica Economic Development Area” and submitted it to the Plan Commission.  The Area Plan Commission Resolution amends the “Declaratory Resolution” to designate Harrison Steel Castings Co. (the “Company”) and its successors or assigns, or any affiliates of the Company and  their successors or assigns, as a “Designated Taxpayer” for purposes of IC 36-7-14-39.3 (the “Amendment”).

A motion was made to pass “Resolution # 1, 2019” as read by Cindy Mason, it was seconded by Matt Madden, motion carried, (see attached).

The second order of business was the public hearing for applicant Katy Kays of Achieve Marketing and Consulting request to rezone 500 E. Jackson from R1 to R3 zoning.  Kays gave an update on the plans and progress at the above referenced property.

  1. Possibilities of Community Events utilizing the facilities.
  2. Rooms for rent.
  3. Possible Historic Home Tours at the Residence.
  4. Projected opening date is Dec., 2019.

Heard comments from the public;

  1. Noise issues were a concern since property is located near single family residences. Request made for quiet hours 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
  2. Concerns about parking.

Comments from the Board;

  1. Where will parking be located and will it be off road? Katy Kays said parking will be located in back of the residence.
  2. Attorney Barce stated there must be 1 parking place per sleeping room.
  3. Some discussion regarding R1 with a Variance vs. R3 Multi-Family Residential.

After some discussion a motion was made for favorable rezone of property to R3 Multi-Family Residential.  Six votes in favor of and 1 abstention.  It will now go to City Council for final approval.

Meeting adjourned.