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Saturday, July 24, 2021

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Area Planning Commission Members

Party           Appointing body

(R)               (C) Larry Grant

(R)               (C) Matthew Madden

(D)               (C) Bill Craft

(R)               (J) Teal Briles

(D)                (J) Cindy Mason

(R)               (M) Emily Harrison

(D)               (M) Ed Bowen

(R)               (M) Tom Schott

(D)               (M) Robin Jordan

                          Jeff Pycke

The first person listed is chairperson.  In the absence of that individual, the next listed person will serve as chairperson.  Three officials appointed by Council, four citizens appointed by Mayor, two Republicans, two Democrats, and two by the Judge from Logan 1, one Republican and one Democrat (all four-year terms).