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Saturday, July 24, 2021

News & Updates

Attica Area Zoning and Planning Commission – September 4, 2019

Members present:  President Larry Grant, Cindy Mason, Robin Jordan, Sec. Teal Briles, Matt Madden.
Also present:  City Attorney Jud Barce, Building Inspector Jeff Pycke, Rod Bannon, Economic Development, via phone.

Meeting was called to order;

First item on the agenda was approval of the proposed Amendments to Chapter 10 of the City Code of Attica relating to Sec 10-70, the penalty provisions which apply to violations of Sec 10-70 “Recreational Vehicles and Campers” and the issuance of Improvement location Permits under Section 10-35 (d).

Discussion regarding clarifying the definition of “Recreational Vehicles”, temporary sheds, and or structures, sheds, and licensing of recreational vehicles.    Recommendation was made to modify the terminology.

Larry Grant updated the committee regarding the previous meeting stating that local law enforcement now has been given the power to ticket ordinance violations.

There was some discussion on enforcement of these penalties and what the City can legally do in collecting those fines.  Jud Barce will research whether the City could have Equitable Powers.

A motion was made to approve the proposed amendment to Chapter 10 of the City of Attica Code relating to the penalty provisions which apply to violations of Section 10-70, Recreational Vehicles and Campers; it was seconded, and approved.  It will now go to the City Council for final approval.

Second item on the agenda was a presentation by Katy Kays of Achieve Marketing and Consulting, LLC.  The company has purchase the property known as 500 E. Jackson St., Attica, IN.  She outlined future plans for the house to become an Air B&B with 5-8 guest rooms, possibly include a women’s shelter, and small event center for the community.    Concerns were raised about safety of guest if the facility were to utilize 3 rooms as possible women’s shelter.  Work has begun on the restoration and remodeling of the house.  Zoning on this property is currently R1, brief discussion on getting this property properly rezoned, possibly to B1.

Meeting adjourned.