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Friday, May 29, 2020

News & Updates

Board of Works & Safety – June 18, 2019

The Board of Works and Safety for the City of Attica met, pursuant to Public Notice, on Tuesday, June 18, 2019, at 4:30 P.M. in the City Council Room.

Present were Board Members, Chris Gayler and Andy Smart and Clerk -Treasurer, Susan Stoll.

The minutes from the June 4 meeting were not prepared in time for the meeting.  They will be presented for approval at the June 18 meeting.

Citizens petitions

There were no citizen’s petitions to be heard.

Department Head Reports

Eric Swank, Director of Public Works, was present with nothing to report.

Eddie Durnil spoke on behalf of the police department. Austin Smyth has been hired as the new police officer for Attica.  June 20 will be his first day of employment and he will work his first shift on the 21st. He will be sworn in at the July Council Meeting.

Mr. Little, Fire Chief, present.  He reported that home owned by Gloria Hoffa on the 200 block of West Columbia was involved in a fire.  The Fire Marshall will come on Thursday to investigate.  The power and gas has been turned off for a couple of years.  Little reported he has a call out to Duke to inspect a pole that is located at the city building.  It is leaning and sounds hollow.  It is leaning and seems unsound.  He may contact Kevin Strickler from Warren County to see if he could assist with the pole.

Jeff Pycke, Building Commissioner, was present.  He has received 7 complaints in the last two weeks. 4 were okay, 3 will need follow-up by Pycke. Smart asked if there were any plans to demolish the burned remains of the Reitsma home at 200 West St.  The owners did not have insurance on the home.  Pycke will follow-up with the owners about their plans. 

Unfinished Business

Smart asked Swank if the city has discussed demolition of the Lyons building.  They have not but the city would potentially be able to perform this work.  Smart asked Mrs. Stoll if the city could receive discounts on roll-away dumpsters since the city has a contract with Allied Waste/Republic.  She would have to investigate this if the city decides to proceed with the project.

New Business

Utility credits were presented for consideration. Gayler made a motion to approve all the credits and Smart seconded.  All were in favor and the motion passed.

Ron Shepherd from HWC opened three bids for the Community Crossing Grant applications.  Milestone Contractors bid $245,490.20 on application 4564 and $181,337.90 on application 4565.  Reith Reilly bid $261,404.00 on application 4564 and $195,003.60 on application 4565.  Pavement Solutions was the only bidder on application 4566.  They bid $29,687.02.  HWC will review the bids and report back to the city.  A meeting to award contracts will be held in a special meeting on Tuesday, June 25 at 4:30 PM at the city building.


Claims in the amount of $220,150.92 were presented by Mrs. Stoll for approval.  Gayler made a motion to approve the claims.  Smart made a second to the motion.  All were in favor and the motion passed.

Miscellaneous Business

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned, the next Board of Works meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 4:30 pm.