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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

News & Updates

Attica Economic Redevelopment Commission – February 21, 2019

6 PM at the City Council Room

Emily Harrison, Cindy Mason, Brian Craft, Duane Roderick and Susan Stoll attended.

The first meeting of 2019 was called to order and a motion was made by Brian Craft and seconded by Cindy Mason, to carry over the same officers into 2019.  President-Cindy Mason, Vice President-Emily Harrison, and Secretary Valarie Maus, all were in favor.

Emily Harrison stated she is interested in landscaping for the entrance to Mark Little’s subdivision.

Jim Gillen Autumn Trace did a housing study and it supported the creation of the Assisted Living Facility. Brian Pohler said a company in Lafayette is developing senior housing. Discussion took place discussing the possibility of creating senior housing in Attica.

There was a discussion about the Economic Development Director. Brian Craft made a motion, and Emily Harrison seconded approving the job description and for the Mayor to hire someone for the position, all were in favor.

Indiana Economic Development Association-IEDA was recommended by Delphi Carroll County Economic Developer. A 2-person membership is $400 per year for support, networking, relationships, advocacy and policy influence. Cindy Mason made a motion to join, Brian Craft seconded, all were in favor.

The Attica Redevelopment Commission can be set up as a 501(c)6.  Mirriam Robinson is a lawyer who is currently on the Carroll County Board and can be hired to set up the 501(c)6. Cindy Mason will contact her and ask her to attend our next meeting.

Cindy Mason stated the owners of the hotel contacted the city and will sell it for $1. Mayor Roderick spoke to KJG and they did an analysis of the soundness of the building. KJG stated $200,000 is needed to build the back of the building that has collapsed, the floor joints are good, the south wall is leaning out, but part of the building is salvageable. Save the facades as a goal to preserve the look of the historic downtown. Brian Craft stated the hotel is not an attractive building and he believes it is a money pit. Cindy Mason said that the North Central Health Services and the Tipp Arts Federation could be sources of grant money for buildings.  The Attica Economic Redevelopment Committee could take on the ownership of the hotel, Susan Stoll will check on liability insurance.

A WHIN meeting takes place on Monday, Feb. 25. Cindy Mason and Susan Stoll will plan on attending to hear about proposals.

The next meeting is yet to be determined.