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Friday, September 24, 2021

News & Updates

April 2019 Newsletter

The City of Attica is moving forward. The street light project is finally complete except for some landscaping in some areas. The sewer plant project is winding down.

Rod Bannon has been hired to the position of Economic Development Director. This is a key position as we look to the future to draw citizens, and businesses, to Attica.

The city has been working with OCRA and our downtown owners hoping to obtain a façade grant to revitalize several buildings.  There has been great participation so far.

Most recently the city was awarded $300,612.13 for Community Crossings from INDOT(Indiana Department of Transportation).

Here is a list of streets to be paved:

1.  1.5″ Mill and fill with new surface.  Estimated Construction: $251,006.38 (CCMG Funds: $188,254.78; City Funds: $62,751.60)
*   5th Street from E. Main Street to West Street
*   Monroe Street from S. Perry Street to S. Council Street
*   Summit Street from N. 6th Street to Indiana Street
*   Brady Street from E. Sycamore Street to E. Maple Street
*   Brady Street from US41/E. Jackson Street to E. Main Street
*   Washington Street from S. Perry Street to S. Brady Street
*   Ferry Street from N. Perry Street to N. 6th Street
*   Division Street from E. Maple Street to E. Sycamore Street
2.  1.5″ Mill and fill with new surface.  Estimated Construction: $126,457.80 (CCMG Funds: $94,843.35; City Funds: $31,614.45)
*   CR E 1150 N from Hollovy Street to City Limits (135′ east of Kentucky Street)
*   Summit Street from Indiana Street to Hollovy Street
*   Hollovy Street from E. Summit Street to Derrick Street
*   Pike Street from S. College Street to Oak Street
3.  Micro Surface Treatment.  Estimated Construction: $23,352.00 (CCMG Funds: $17,514.00; City Funds: $5,838.00)
*   Perry Street from New Street to US 41

Total Construction: $400,716.18 (CCMG Funds: $300,612.13; City Funds: $100,204.05)

As you can see, we will get a lot accomplished this year.

Important dates to remember:

  • Saturday, April 27th early voting at the City Building 9am-12 noon
  • Saturday, May 4th  early voting at the city building 9am-12 noon
  • Tuesday, May 7th  election day

Let’s all work together to keep Attica “The Place to be”.