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Attica City Park List of Suggestions – February 2019

Suggestions and observations by both members of the public and Board regarding Attica City Parks:

2-23-19  Submitted by Mike Nicolas/Park Board Secretary/Member


More and better parking at the Ravine Park Pavilion.

Security cameras and lighting at Parks facilities.

Invasive plant remediation in Ravine Park/ Arms Woods.

Statues, sculptures, and artful landscaping in certain areas of trails.

A splashpad, location to be determined.

Restrooms at McDonald Park (heavily used park).

Repairs to roof support posts at main pavilion in Ravine Park (top priority.)

Making one rest room at Ravine Park Pavilion handicap accessible.

Adding awnings and/ or other shade protection at the public pool (One of our most frequent requests from the public).  Also, more seating.

Repairing cracks in concrete on public pool deck.

Repairing roof leak in lifeguard room and office at the public pool.

Coated nature trail above pavilion to connect Ravine Park to Arms Woods

Coated nature trail on East and North side above public pool down to and across Kenny Freed Blvd. to connect Arms Woods/ East Ravine Park to West Ravine Park trail going to Cottrell Village.

Robert Shepard submitted drawings showing where he believes connecting trails can go.

Centralizing playground equipment at Ravine Park where heaviest use occurs and to open space for other activities.

Create a “grassy mound” as part of a playground system.

Adding parent -child swings, swings and equipment for the handicapped, a small play enclosure for younger children, more equipment and games of interest to older children and teens.

Planting a visual screen of evergreens between the sewage treatment plant and Ouabache Park to encourage more park use.

Painting playground equipment and adding a bench at Circle Park.

Obtaining varmint proof trash cans at parks.

Better lighting where needed at all parks.

Consistent trail maintenance and clearing.

Creating a volunteer friends of the parks group.

Tree trimming and removal for public safety, especially the large trunk of the V shaped sycamore showing signs of rot overhanging the Ravine Park Pavilion.

Move the handicap picnic table from its current handicap inaccessible location to the pavilion.

Improve plantings in the parks for both beauty, utility, and in natural areas, for environmental restoration.

Refurbish the basketball courts and goals.

Publicize the parks features and events to encourage tourism, visitation, and use of facilities as part of the city goal of promoting Attica as a desirable place to live.

Publishing an annual events/ programming calendar.

Signage and wayfinding.

Adding 30-amp electrical receptacles for events and food trucks at parks so that electrical service panels do not have to be partially disassembled for each hook-up.    Electrical panels are not designed for such use and direct hook-up must be performed by qualified persons each time, is more dangerous, and has been a source of delay and frustration for both concessionaires and event sponsors.

Three needed at Ravine Park.

Bridge maintenance and adding handrails in Ravine Park/ Arms Woods.

Public (pea patches) gardens.

Remove the condemned house in the middle of Ouabache Park, retaining the good wall stones for a memorial or other project.

Create a downtown “pocket park” back from the sidewalk on the vacant lot next to the Horizon Bank branch on Perry street with an architecturally compatible low dividing wall with entrance to the back of the lot, which can still be utilized for other purposes, such as parking.  Possibly the attractive window trim (3 sets) salvaged from the previous demolished building could be recycled for use around openings.  This concept has support from several downtown business owners.  No final ownership till October.

Drain the “swamp” in Ravine Park off Kenneth Freed Park Drive N. For both mosquito abatement and environmental restoration of a much more attractive natural feature.  This swampy pool was created by artificially blocking a large natural perennial spring and stream with a strong flow, long ago.  Though grandfathered in, it would not be permitted today.

Address the old go-kart track in Arms Woods.

Address the seasonal swampy areas next to the go-kart track.  an apparent amphibian breeding spot but a mosquito breeder near a town residential area.

Grow the summer Parkie youth program.

Use the upgraded trail network to host running and biking events.  Also, possible nature study and exposure for summer youth program.

Expanded and better parking near pavilion.

More designated parking and barriers to prevent destructive driving and parking where motorized vehicles should be prohibited.

Invasive plant removal and other environmental restoration and improvement.

We received an interesting idea from Brent Bauerband proposing construction of a working replica of a set of Wabash and Erie Canal locks and a replica canal boat, along with a large fountain and splash pad in Ouabache Park where vestiges of the canal remain.  We have not discussed this proposal yet, and is probably overly ambitious as proposed, but it has some interesting aspects.

More camping spots at Ouabache park.

Creating a large fishing pond in one of the two low areas at Ouabache Park by bulldozing soil from the bottom up into a surrounding levee berm above normal flood level.  There would be a gated ditch to the river as well as a pipe and (wind, solar?) pump to maintain water level.  If the river did overtop and flood there would be no damage.  The fishing equipment industry as well as foundations and government might have grants for this sort of thing, especially for youth, senior, and disabled programs.

Enhancing and promoting the already good spring wildflower bloom in Arms Woods as a tourist event, possibly even with an event or show someday.