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Saturday, July 24, 2021

News & Updates

Area Planning Commission/Attica Main Street Committee / Local Economic Development Committee / Joint Meeting – February 11, 2019

Area Planning Commission Members Present:

  • Larry Grant
  • Teal Briles
  • Cindy Mason
  • Emily Harrison
  • Tom Schott

Also in Attendance:

  • Duane Roderick-Mayor & Attica Main Street member
  • Susan Stoll- Treasurer/Attica Redevelopment Commission/Attica Main Street member
  • Valarie Maus-Attica Redevelopment Commission member
  • Brian Craft-Attica Redevelopment Commission member
  • Lexxi Haddock-Attica Main Street President
  • Sarah Mattern-Attica Main Street member


Meeting was called to order by Lexxi Haddock.

Sarah Mattern proposed Alley Art to buildings downtown, showed some examples.

Cindy Mason gave a brief update on the proposed Food and Beverage tax for the City of Attica. Food and beverage would be taxed at 1% of the cost of the food or beverage item sold.  These tax dollars would remain in Attica to be used for economic development and revitalization.  State Representative Sharon Negele has written an amendment to this tax bill and it is in process at the State Legislation.  Area businesses are in full support of implementing this tax.

Brief discussion on Senior Housing options for Attica and possible locations for future building of this type of housing.

It was suggested we get the Attica area mapped out for future housing and industrial locations within the city as well as doing an area needs assessment.

Main Street Committee member Emily Harrison reported on ideas regarding improvement and beautification of the entrances to our subdivisions and making sure all streets are identified with signage.

Hiring of an Economic Development Director Position has been approved but not filled at this time.

Discussion on making the Attica Redevelopment Commission a Not-for-Profit Organization was recommended, and Attorney Miriam Robison was suggested to assist with beginning this process.

Suggestion made that the Attica Redevelopment Commission join the Indiana Economic Development Association.

Suggested in our advertising of the City of Attica that we promote the fact that we are only one hour from Indianapolis International Airport.

Joanne Broadwater suggested we access the Hoosier Heartland Small Business Development Association. They have a tremendous amount of free resources that we could utilize in our planning and economic development.

Suggested we focus on infrastructure to be able to accommodate any industry that would consider locating in Attica.

Discussion regarding feasibility of re-opening an old road that used to connect Xavier Rd. and U.S. Hwy. 41. Possibilities of creating an industrial park along that road.

Discussion regarding the subdivision behind the Pizza Hut. The main drive designated as East Main St. into that subdivision is not currently maintained by the city.  However, it is used as a service road to the Arms Woods Trails and is also a public access to those trails.  Mayor Roderick scheduled the homeowners to present this issue at the City Council Meeting on Mon. Feb., 11th.

The first Heritage Days Committee planning meeting will be on Wed. Feb. 20th, 6:30 P.M. Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting. Heritage Days will be Sept. 21st and 22nd, 2019.