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Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Parks Board Monthly Meeting Minutes – January 8, 2019

Date and Time:  Tuesday, 01/08/19

Present:              Board President Andy Smart, Brian Duncan, Mike Nicolas, Mayor Duane Roderick, City Clerk Susan Stoll.

Absent:               Barb Foster

Location:             Court Room, Attica City Hall

Andy Smart called the meeting to order.  Minutes of the last meeting were approved with the correction that all regular Parks Board meetings are at 5:00 PM.  The “member of the public” who kindly provided grant information at the last meeting was Sarah Mattern from the Attica Main Street committee.

There were no citizen initiatives or requests.

Susan Stoll notified the Board that she had applied for, and the City had been awarded a $2500 Community Partners Prevention grant from Bauer Family Resources to fund the Parks summer children’s program.  Board members wish to express their gratitude.

  1. There was much discussion about the city pool facilities, staff and their training as the Board desires to make earlier preparations for the 2019 season.  There will be a mid-February planning meeting, hope to hire managers by March 1, other seasonal hiring by mid- March.

    There will be a lifeguard training class in or near the beginning of April.  There will be an April or May season planning meeting with pool facility managers.

    At least two managers will be certified pool operator trained.

    The Board will be paying for lifeguard, CPR, and pool operator training with the understanding that participants will reimburse the City for their training if they seek employment elsewhere.

    Brian will start canvassing past lifeguards and staff to see who plans on continuing employment.

    Brian will start the employment postings with requirements and will see about work permits and background checks.

    The Board plans on interviewing staff applicants the week before and during spring break.

    Brian will be conducting the lifeguard training class.

  2. Mayor Roderick said there is an opportunity to purchase an inventory keeping cash register for the pool concession stand for about $100.  The board voted to approve the purchase, and Mayor Roderick said he would take care of it.
  3. Pool concession stand.  The Board will also ask Barb Foster to ask last year’s Manager, Karley Gayler what concession stand items sold well and which didn’t, for this year’s planning purposes.
  4. It was decided by those attending to have an informal, open discussion meeting (with doughnuts! ) at 9:00 AM, Saturday, February 23rd for anyone wishing to attend to discuss the functions of the parks and priorities, with the purpose of forming the next 10 year plan for the Parks Department.  Subjects so far brought up are programs, tourism, wholistic planning of Parks programs and development in harmony with the City of Attica’s planned development and priorities, as well as the activities of other organizations.  Event and gathering facilities, recreation opportunities, forming a volunteer Friends of the Parks group, playground equipment, Frisbee Golf, sources of funding, park plantings, beautification, and preservation of existing trees and wild flowers, connecting existing nature trails, mosquito control, Ouabache Park and riverfront improvements, pool improvements, signage and way finding, erosion control on streams and the best way to accomplish it, refurbishing basketball courts and goals, fishing, boating camping, publishing a complete event and programming calendar, eventually having a Parks and events manager for the town, and many more.  Suggestions welcome.
  5. Current main priorities so far are Ravine Park Pavilion foundation post repairs, swimming pool repairs and shade needs as well as staffing, playground and equipment improvement, connecting existing nature trails and bridge maintenance, exploring sources of funding, and beginning a ten year development plan.
  6. Mike suggested planting a screening row of appropriate evergreen trees between Oubache Park and the water treatment plant.  He said he will see about obtaining them inexpensively from the state nurseries and report back.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM