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Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Parks Board Monthly Meeting Minutes – December 11, 2018

Date and Time:  12/11/2018 5:30 PM

Present:  Board President Andy Smart, Barb Foster, Brian Duncan, Mike Nicolas, Mayor Duane Roderick, City Clerk Susan Stoll, Members of the Public.

Location:  Council Chambers, Attica City Hall

Board President Andy Smart called the meeting to order.

There were no citizen initiatives, though a member of the public informed the Board that there might be grant money available for improvements from the Wabash River Heritage Corridor Fund, though unfortunately applications have a January 2nd deadline.  Also, statewide up to 2 million dollars in grants through the Department of Natural Resources’ Next Level Trails program.  These require 20% matching funding and applications are due by February 15th.

It was brought up that we should consider paying a grant writer and discussed.

  1. Expansion of the frisbee golf course in Ravine Park from 9 to 18 holes was discussed.  It was voted on and decided that it will be approached in two phases.  Phase one would consist of re-laying out the present course to improve play and possibly playing back from the end to achieve 18 holes.  As the board is considering consolidating all the scattered playground equipment into the most heavily used area west of the pavilion, as well as making other improvements, the board feels this is the best way to start.  This would be in accordance with the more wholistic approach to the Parks facilities and programs that Brian Duncan has suggested.
    Phase two will consist of studying the feasibility of expanding the course into a wider area, such as Arms Woods and holding a tournament in the future.  Mike Nicolas suggested that getting rid of the large patches of stinging nettles that are crowding out the spring flowers in the lower part of the woods could be a positive part of the course preparation.
  2. Mayor Roderick informed the board that he investigated and took care of tennis court updates.
  3. Susan Stoll informed the board that as of November there was $23,240.71 available in the Parks budget.
  4. It was pointed out that besides the present course, the trails in Arms Woods would make an ideal course for the school cross country athletic teams.
  5. It was suggested that there be a separate manager for the swimming pool concession stand as the Pool Manager already has many responsibilities.
  6. Karley Gayler will be returning as the Parks Program Manager in 2019 again.
  7. Brian Duncan will be conducting the lifesaving course for the pool program.
  8. It was suggested that a grassy mound or small hill be included in the any playground work, as small children seem to really enjoy such features.
  9. Mike suggested we look into planting a row of tall evergreen trees between the sewage treatment plant and Ouabache Park.
  10. Andy said he wants the board members to come up with and discuss a list of priorities and suggestions for the coming year.

The next regularly scheduled Parks Board meeting will be January 8th, 5:30 PM in the City Council room in the Attica City Hall Building.

Submitted by Mike Nicolas who takes responsibility for any and all errors and omissions, and who’s New Year’s resolution is that all future minutes will be written up and submitted within three days of the meeting date.  Happy New Year to all and come out and enjoy your parks.