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Thursday, May 28, 2020

News & Updates

Attica Main Street – December 13, 2018

Members Bob Shepherd, Lexxi Haddock, Cindy Mason, Susan Stoll, Duane Roderick, and Sarah Mattern

Susan Stoll shared that Attica Main Street currently has a balance of $16,464.68, and the Marketing Grant has a balance of $1,584.68.

Bob Shepherd passed out an overview of what is involved in the Year End Assessment. This is a Main Street requirement and groups are ineligible for grants if they do not meet the deadline.

Sarah Mattern shared that she attended the Park Board meeting and sent them information on grants for bettering our park trails. There was also talk about how partnering with Williamsport/Warren County might better equip us for receiving the monies. Duane Roderick shared that Attica did combine with Williamsport for the water study grant. Bob Shepherd also mentioned that Wabash Corridor Grants include land 1 mile away from the river, and so could include parks within 1 mile of the Wabash. Other ideas to create trails across Attica: rails to trails and trails in alleyways.

Lexxi Haddock also attended the Park Board meeting to share the information on Walk [Your City], which is a low maintenance way to encourage residents to walk to key spots in the city and downtown.

Duane Roderick will be sharing what he learned the Tiff Conference at the next meeting.

Officers for 2019 were appointed as follows:
President: Lexxi Haddock
Vice President: Cindy Mason
Secretary: Sarah Mattern
Treasurer: Susan Stoll

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, January 10th at 7 p.m.