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Sunday, August 25, 2019

News & Updates

Attica Main Street – November 15, 2018

Members Bob Shepherd, Lexxi Haddock, Cindy Mason, and Duane Roderick attended. Rod Bannon and Sara Mattern also attended

Bob Shepherd shared that it will be an additional $300 to finish our Attica video, and another $250 to put it into a format that will allow is to be accessed via YouTube.

Bob Shepherd would like to pursue the possibilities of a brochure, but both he and Cindy Mason concluded that they would like to hold off on that so that the person hired for the economic development position would be able to have input.

Cindy Mason confirmed that the school will be using the billboard in December, as Main Street did not have anything more substantial than the need to continue our positive messaging for the school system.

Rod Bannon met with Duane Roderick earlier in the day and shared an idea he had about the possibility of personally investing in the development of the property across from the Old Attica Library. He drew out a rough sketch of a possible design and shared how Main Street could leases the down stairs and use the space to share our vision and bring awareness and legitimacy to our group (a place to take clients and investors – a space to host fundraising events). He also shared prints of how we could use our website to sell Attica’s story – who are we and where do we want to go?

Things Attica Main Street has accomplished as of November 15, 2018: Seats for Devon Theater; TIF District; Re-Development Commission; Re-energized the Planning Committee and Economic Development Committee; Acorn Lights on Jackson Street; New City Gateway Entry Signs; Cooperative Effort with Attica Consolidated School Corporation (ACSC); Economic Development Director Position’ Twilight Music Series; Billboard with ACSC; Community Celebration; Website; Facebook Page; Downtown Streetscape; Video; Rock into Fall; Promoted Economic Development Position; Investigated Patio Condo or Villa Housing; Retail Gap Analysis; Set up Attica Main Street as a 501(c)3

Goals for 2019 include: Continued support of current successful programs; food and beverage tax; housing; long-term planning of land use; future downtown building design; vacant lot survey for infill; review zoning ordinances

Cindy Mason expressed concern that there is no “next step” for those who either do not pay their fines altogether in conjunction with breaking an ordinance, or those who pay the fines but continue to break ordinances. Duane Roderick will add looking into possible “next steps” to his list of things to get in touch with Tom O’Connor about.

Duane Roderick will not be in attendance at the next meeting, but will bring us back information from the conference he will be attending on TIF districts.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, November 29th at 7 p.m.