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Sunday, August 25, 2019

News & Updates

Attica Main Street – November 1, 2018

Members Bob Shepherd, Lexxi Haddock, Cindy Mason, Duane Roderick, and Susan Stoll attended. Rob Harrison and Kara Skinner also attended.

Megan Taylor with the Western Indiana Community Foundation presented a check to Rob Harrison and Kara Skinner for the Teacher Appreciation Program.

Cindy Mason moved that Attica Main Street fund the remaining $1,750 needed for the Teacher Appreciation Program (most of which will be applied to the Teacher Recognition events taking place on May 15th and 16th), Duane Roderick seconded, and the motion passed.

A lot was learned in the process for getting an introduction to Attica video created. We know to be more specific next time, and plan to have future videos catered to specific areas such as entertainment, industry, and the schools.

See the attached handout for the results from Bob Shepherd Facebook survey on what people would like to see in the Small/Jarvis empty lot. With the chaos of the rain and location change for Rock into Fall, there were no additions to the results from that event.

Economic Development Position – possible resource: https://www.iedc.in.gov/resources/organizations/economic-development-organizations

Bob Shepherd reminded us that we need to start thinking ahead to 2019 and prioritizing ongoing and/or new projects for the coming year, and Cindy Mason encouraged us to continue with more entertainment and cultural development.

Duane Roderick will follow up with Tom O’Connor on the ordinance for new buildings built downtown and will confirm if the review committee would fall under a standing committee.

Attica Main Street became a 501(c)3 on July 3rd. Yearend reports for 501(c)3 include: 1) 990 is under 50K income 2) NP20 annually 3) business entity report due May 15th

Cindy Mason shared that she believes there is a fear of housing development. Is there anything we could do to sweeten the pot? How much would infrastructure cost? Are there any funds the city could throw in? Maybe Adam Gilbert could write an article about to help inform the community about the need for housing in our community and drum up more interest in getting this project moving forward.

Susan Stoll reported that we currently have a balance of $16,929.68. We have received $50,285 in donations so far in 2018, which includes the $10K grant for the downtown and the $7K grant from the Attica Community Foundation.

Reminder to send any community events to Kelly Hiller along with an image to include on the website.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, November 15st at 7 p.m.