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Sunday, August 25, 2019

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Council Proceedings – October 8, 2018

The Common Council for the City of Attica met on October 8, 2018, at 6:00 P.M. pursuant to public notice.

Those present at the meeting were: board members; Mr. Bill Craft, Mrs. Valarie Maus, Mr. Larry Askren, Mr. Josh Hall and Mr. Matthew Madden.  Also, present were: Mayor Roderick; and Clerk Treasurer, Susan Stoll.

Mayor Roderick broke from the normal order of business to make a special presentation. He read a letter from Chief Cole recognizing Attica Police Officers, Craig Asbury, Alden Hohenstein, and Kyle Askren, and Fountain County Deputy John Clawson. They were given merit awards for bravery in the line of duty.  They entered a burning home at 302 E. Monroe Street and safely evacuated the residents, which consisted of two children and a woman in a wheelchair.


A motion was made by Mrs. Maus and seconded by Mr. Askren to approve the minutes of the Sept. 10th, 2018 meeting. All were in favor and the motion passed.


Citizen, Bob Shepherd, asked the Council if they would approve two sculptures to be located on city sidewalks on Perry Street in downtown Attica.  He will have 30” square concrete bases put in place in the fall of 2018.  The sculptures will be placed on the bases in May 2019.  Mr. & Mrs. Shepherd are purchasing a total of five sculptures to be installed in different places throughout the City. The Council discussed this, and all were in favor of allowing the request.

Citizen, Tony Garrett, he is parking his vehicles in his driveway and they block the sidewalk in front of his house on Sycamore Street. This is an ordinance violation. On any day but Wednesday and Sunday, he can park at the Christian Church on Sycamore Street.  Other days, he has 3 vehicles and he cannot avoid overlapping the sidewalk (even 2 vehicles overlap the sidewalk).  No parking is permitted on Sycamore Street.  Mayor Roderick said he would talk to City Attorney, Tom O’Connor, to find out if the residences on Sycamore St. could be exempt from this ordinance violation since they do not have alternatives.  Mr. Hall made a motion to table the subject to a future meeting.  Mrs. Maus made a second to the motion.  All were in favor and the motion passed.

Citizen, Cindy Mason, thanked the Attica Police for entering the house that was burning the day of the house explosion on Monroe St.  She also thanked the Fire Department with the home explosion.  She also noted that City street employees did a lot to help set-up the Rock into Fall event, the Community Celebration, and the Twilight Music Series this year.  She voiced her appreciation.  She announced the last Twilight Music Series concert for the year to be held on October 21, 2018.

Teresa Kerr, from Paws N Claws, passed out 3rd quarter statistics for the animal shelter.  The stats were broken down for Attica and Fountain County.  The contract for animal control between Paws N Claws and the City of Attica is still being finalized and will be presented later.


There were none.


Street Superintendent, Ron Jean: was not present.

Attica Police Chief Cole: present; he passed out statistics for the APD for September 2018.  He reported that the JAG grant for new radios has been approved.  Chief Cole asked the Council to allow him to borrow $32,470.99 from the Public Safety Fund, upon which this sum will be repaid from the JAG grant.  Mrs. Stoll said this would not be necessary, she could pay the sum out of the General Fund and receipt the reimbursement back into the General Fund once it is received. Chief Cole also asked the Council to approve the payment of $8,056.55 from the Public Safety Fund for lighting and equipment for the School Resource Officer vehicle donated by Mike Alsop Chevrolet.  The quotes from Caliber, JTN Services, Inc., and HP were provided to show what would be purchased.  Mrs. Stoll reported on the balance of this fund and said that there are funds available if the Council decides to approve.  Mr. Askren made a motion to approve the expense.  Mr. Madden made a second to the motion.  All were in favor and the motion passed.

Attica Fire Department: Chief, Mike Little; was present.  He commended the police and fire departments for their hard work on the house explosion on Monroe Street.  The Attica Fire Department spent 13 hours on-site handling the explosion and fire and the investigation. He thanked everyone from the public that donated food and water to the workers at the site. He next reported that he met with the trustee of Davis Township about receiving fire protection from the City of Attica Fire Department.  There is currently no contract in place.  In 2019, Davis Township is willing to pay $5,000 to the City of Attica.  They have not paid any money to the City for several years.  The Council has a problem with offering a different contract amount for Davis than Shawnee or Logan.  The Council is okay with accepting what Davis Township can pay towards the contract amount.  Chief Little will be getting ahold of American Red Cross to have a smoke detector and carbon monoxide blitz on the night of Halloween.  Mayor Roderick thanked the Fire Department for the presentation they put on the evening of 9/11.

Building Commissioner, Jeff Pycke; present; reported that the owners of 500 E. Jackson, 600 S. Perry, and 917 S. Perry have all indicated that they are in the process of having requested repairs completed on their properties.  923 S. Perry can be demolished, according to the Health Department, even though it has mold.  Mr. Pycke is addressing a fence that is non-compliance at 919 S. Perry St.


Ordinance # 10, 2018 Ordinance for Appropriations and Tax Rates was presented for consideration.  Mrs. Stoll read the totals for each fund that are being proposed.  The totals have been advertised and the public hearing was held last month.  Mr. Hall made a motion to adopt Ordinance # 10, 2018.  Mrs. Maus made a second to the motion.  All were in favor and the motion passed 5-0.

Ordinance # 11, 2018 An Ordinance Establishing Wages and Compensation for Elected Officials, Appointed Officials, Employees and Members of the Attica Police and Fire Departments was presented for consideration.  Mrs. Stoll explained that most positions are being proposed to raise by 3%.  The Police Sargent position is higher by a larger percentage because two Sargents will be replacing an Assistant Chief.  The difference between the First-Class Officer pay for both Durnil and Larson and the Assistant Chief pay will be divided evenly between the two Sargents.  The net effect will be to not raise the overall budget for salaries for the police department above a 3 % raise.  The other position that is significantly larger than a 3 % increase is for Park Custodian because the scope of duties has increased to include cleaning of the Ouabache Park bathrooms.  Mr. Madden made a motion to read the ordinance for a third time.  Mrs. Maus made a second to the motion.  All were in favor and the motion passed.  Upon reading the ordinance, Mrs. Stoll realized that the position, Safety Officer, was omitted from the ordinance. Mrs. Stoll asked if we could table the passage of the ordinance until our November meeting so that she could fix this omission.  All were in favor and the ordinance was tabled until the next council meeting.  Mr. Hall asked if we still have an Assistance Chief of Police.  Mayor Roderick explained that there is not an Assistant Chief since Snoeberger left. Instead, the Board of Works has approved two Sargent positions to serve in the same capacity as an Assistant Chief.  Mr. Askren stated that the Council passed a policy for the department be structured to have an Assistant Chief and have Sargents, but that Sargents be paid no more than First-Class Officer pay.  He asked how the policy could be changed without Council knowledge or approval. Chief Cole said that state statute provides that the Police Commission and Board of Works & Safety may change policy and the structure of the department. Mr. Askren said he would consult with Tom O’Connor about this topic.

Mayor Roderick brought up angled parking for the S. Perry Street in downtown Attica.  Mr. Hall was not present at the last meeting when the topic was discussed.  Mayor Roderick stated that if Mr. Hall is in favor of the proposal, he will present the ordinance. Mr. Hall stated he is not in favor.  The motion will not be passed.


There was none.


Mrs. Stoll passed out August financial information on the current years’ budget to the Council & Mayor.


The next Council meeting will be held Monday, November 12, 2018.