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Sunday, August 25, 2019

News & Updates

Attica Main Street – October 18, 2018

Members Robert Shepherd, Lexxi Haddock, Cindy Mason, and Duane Roderick attended.

Robert Shepherd shared that there was a meeting with Jim Gillen about the patio condos concept and the consensus was that Attica could support the idea. There will be a trip on October 25th to Greencastle to see a similarly built development.

Cindy Mason gave a follow up on the Rock into Fall event. The Attica Eagles stepped up and allowed us to use their facility after the rain came through, all of the bands showed performed, and the kids who came seemed to enjoy the activities. In the future we will create a contract for vendors to sign prior to the event that includes a rain policy, such as waiting one hour after rain to begin and then having a rain location. Community members have already begun sharing ideas for things to include next year.

Cindy Mason reminded us about the last Twilight Music Series event of the year. The band The Leadsman will play 60’s music on Sunday, October 21st from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. She also recapped the year as a whole and stated that more people have been in attendance this year, and that the opening act while people were eating was a nice addition to the event. Next year she is looking into adding a “First Friday” or “Spirit Saturday” with a country music flavor to attract a younger audience. It was also mentioned that we should think about skipping October next year and keeping it as a summer line up.

Robert Shepherd stated that the “final” video will be completed by November 1st; they have taken our suggestions and will revise before then. We talked about the need for companion videos, for example one video specifically highlighting recreation options in the town.

Duane Roderick attended a meeting on the Jackson Street lights and they are ready to start work as soon as the agreement is signed.

Cindy Mason reached out to Lafayette about their job description for the Economic Development position and they will be sending it to her.

Duane Roderick confirmed that the ordinance for new buildings built downtown was brought up to the planning commission. He will be following up with Tom O’Connor about the specific language for the ordinance to continue this moving forward.

Cindy Mason shared what she learned at the Attica Community Foundation meeting about the Lilly Endowment’s newest round of giving with GIFT VII. There are different parts of the program, but one part is applying for a grant to perform a county wide feasibility study, which would give us data to nail down what we to address and support in Attica.

Duane Roderick reminded us that it is against the city’s ordinances to park your car facing the wrong direction and in your yard; citations have been handed out.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, November 1st at 7 p.m.