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Thursday, September 19, 2019

News & Updates

Parks Board Monthly Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2018

Attending- Barbara Foster, Brian Duncan, Michael Nicolas.

Meeting called to order at 4:30.

  1. Lori Jordan informed the board that the Wabash River Corridor Heritage Fund is accepting applications for grants, and though it is almost certainly too late for this year,  that it is something to consider for next year.  Grants are up to $150,000 with 20 per cent matching and a minimum of $50,000.
  2. Park employee Candy Kirkpatrick submitted an attendance sheet for the campsites at Ouabache Park.The Mayor has submitted a request for fifty dollars a week for bathroom cleaning as Candy has been doing this in addition to her regular duties.Candy also says that critter proof trash cans are needed and more of them.
  3. The board took a partial tour of Ravine Park and the public pool to assess current conditions and discuss possible improvements.
    1. The possibility of an off-leash dog park was brought up and well thought of if the right location can be found.
    2. The pavilion parking lot needs a much better storm drain cover to prevent clogs and flooding.
    3. The pavilion needs non-skid applied to the wooden access ramp treads as they can be slippery when wet.
    4. Make one of the pavilion bathrooms handicap accessible by redoing the threshold, creating more room and adding grab rails.
    5. As the handicap accessible picnic table in the shelter can’t be reached by someone in a wheel chair, it should probably be moved to the pavilion.
    6. There is also a need for information signs in the pavilion with phone numbers
    7. The playground equipment needs updated and the bouncy animals                                       removed since they do not bounce any longer.
    8. It’s also felt that the playground equipment around the pavilion should be consolidated in one place by the parking lot.
    9. The open space east of the pavilion would be a good location for a multi-sport ball court.
    10. The old horse shoe pits should be removed, with perhaps one retained.  Perhaps a concrete    corn hole goal could be added as that is now a more popular game.
    11. The basketball courts need spruced up.
    12. Discussion with frisbee golf players who were present revealed that they would like the course extended into Arms Woods, however, this would involve people going off trail in the wildflower beds, and if memory serves, one of the original conditions was that Arms Woods remain in a natural state.  Discussion still open.
    13. At the pool there was discussion about re-opening the upper deck.  A hand rail would need to be installed.  Some fencing would need to be re-located to allow access from the pool area to the stairs.
    14. As people drive their cars right up to let off passengers where children are waiting to gain admission, it was suggested to block the drive or make a short U-turn.
    15. There is water leaking into the manager/ lifeguard room down the wall when it rains.  This appears to be a roof gutter drainage problem.  The carpet should be replaced.
    16. Cracks in the pool deck should be patched.
    17. Finally, and probably most importantly, the posts supporting the pavilion roof appear to be showing considerable rot at the bottom and the concrete where they are is spalling off, probably due to water freezing and thawing.  They should be inspected right away.