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Sunday, August 25, 2019

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Attica Main Street – July 12, 2018





Call to Order the meeting was called to order at 10:00am. 

Attica Main Street, Members present

  • Bob Shepherd – Pres.                                              
  • Emily Harrison, Secretary
  • Susan Stoll, Attica City Clerk Treasurer
  • Cindy Mason
  • Mike Nicolas

1.     Minutes.

2.     Marketing –  Kelly Hiller has worked on the website.  She is asking for more feedback to help improve the site.  Adam Phipps is working on the video. 

3.     Downtown Streetscape- The remaining pieces are due to arrive this week.  It has been long delays.  The company has apologized.    

4.     Duke-  No news.  Mayor Roderick is working on the process.    

5.     Donations Report-  The current balance is at $19,325.  Susan has all records of disbursements and income. 

6.     Twilight Music Series. It continues to go well.  The next one in in the series is July  15th.  It will be the Big Swing Band.  There will be hot dogs, water and ice cream. 

7.     Downtown Parking.  The council did not approve downtown parking changes requested by AMS.  Our group is very disappointed.  Emily mentioned that we need to be sure to invite council members to more AMS meetings.  They may be able to contribute to the meetings and it will encourage more thought and discussion in reviving our downtown.  AMS want to discuss new options with the council to help make downtown parking easier for the patrons. 

8.     Placemaking –  Bob and Cindy both signed up for the 1.5 day event in Lafayette.  It would be helpful to have more Main Street members attend these events on Attica’s behalf. 

9.     Other- It was suggested to invite students to future evening meetings as well.   After much follow-up Bob Shepherd received news that our application for a non-profit was finally approved.  It is noted that we should look into insurance.  The downtown building is almost down.  We will need to begin making plans for that lot.  The group has discussed placing a pocket park there.  There are no places in our downtown to sit and have a sack lunch or stop and chat with friends.  This would be a great space for green space downtown.  Robie would like to be apart of the plans for the space. 

10. Community Celebration-  it was a success!  All went well.  The committee did a great job!

11. There will be a meeting tonight , July 12th at 6:30 with Adam Phipps to work on the schedule for filming for the video. 

Meeting Adjourned at 11am  Next meeting will be held July 26th at 7pm.