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Sunday, May 26, 2019

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Parks Board Monthly Meeting Minutes – June 12, 2018

The pool manager was asked if the lights in the basket room and concession stand had been made operative. Also if the hole in the floor created by current electrical work had been covered. The board will continue to attempt to have these items corrected.

Two more lifeguard applicants were interviewed and hired. It is hoped that enough additional life guards can be hired to re-open Wednesdays.

As the result of an inquiry about rental for private pool parties, it was decided that the renter will pay a fee of twenty-five dollars each for each of the required two life guards.

After reviewing the former pool managers request for a final salary payment adjustment for extra services performed, it was decided to award an extra two hundred dollars plus mileage.

As the need for life guards is so desperate, it was agreed and voted on that the Parks Department will pay for lifeguard training next year for applicants with the agreement that life guarding at the Attica public pool will be their first lifeguarding employment choice.

(As an addendum to these minutes, at this writing, Brian Duncan has been able to arrange lifeguard training in which eight trainees are now enrolled at Parks expense, so this subject will be re-visited at the next meeting).

It was motioned, seconded, and approved that Parks will pay for Certified Pool Operator training for the Manager and Assistant Manager next year.

It was suggested that we rotate lifeguard positions more frequently during the day, and slightly extend breaks due to heat and sun and this suggestion was adopted. Also, that lifeguards be rotated through the concession stand as an additional position.

As the Health Department is still requiring a dedicated phone line, the board is still exploring the possibility of a second cell phone and number as opposed to the installation of a land line and phone which does not now exist and will be very expensive. The board feels that currently a dedicated cell phone should be perfectly acceptable.

Passes for councilors and clients of some charitable organizations was discussed. The board would like to have an easy method of identification of free pass holders on presentation, such as a photo on the pass to prevent free passes and other tickets from being passed around to others for use. The possibility of obtaining a printer with photo ability for printing passes will be explored.

The board would like permission to sell annual memberships at the pool ticket window along with other admissions so that people would not have to leave and go down to the Clerk’s Counter at the City Building to obtain one.

It was brought up that there is a great need for shaded areas at the pool and both temporary and permanent solutions are needed.

Barb reported she had contacted Garth Kagel about required CPR training.

The board voted to give gift certificates to Connie Sichts and Candy Kirkpatrick for their many hours of volunteer service, which the board felt should be recognized.

Due to access problems by the public, the Ouabache Park rest rooms will remain open during the camping season. It was decided to give restroom keys to the City Police and consult with them about checking them as part of normal patrolling. It would be desirable to have a security camera and signs stating the premises is under video surveillance. The phone number sign will be updated.

It was decided to consult with city employee, Candy Kirkpatrick, about compensation for maintaining the Ouabache Park rest room as she has been doing it on a volunteer basis beyond her regular duties.

Andy said he would like to investigate more playground equipment in the parks.

In Public Input, Jake Mediate asked for the steps on the westernmost bridge in Ravine Park be repaired before it becomes a liability issue. The board agrees.

In other matters, Mike Nicolas wants to start exploring the possibility of adding a neighborhood park in the south end of town, as one does not now exist except for Happy Walter Field.