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Saturday, September 19, 2020

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Attica Main Street – June 28, 2018

Call to Order the meeting was called to order at 10:00am.

Attica Main Street, Members present

  • Bob Shepherd – Pres.
  • Emily Harrison, Secretary
  • Mayor Duane Roderick
  • Susan Stoll, Attica City Clerk Treasurer
  • Cindy Mason
  • Jake Mediate
  • Superintendent Sheri Hardman
  1. Minutes. Emily has two to submit from previous meetings.
  2. Marketing – video, website and Facebook. Adam Phipps. He has been around taking video and is on schedule or ahead of schedule. Duane, Adam, and Bob were at the previous meeting. Working on interviews for video. They will be completely edited and only a small part will be used. It would be nice to show Sheri Hardman with her new home being built. Cindy mentions how important to highlight new families coming to town. Dennis Kovar would be a good one to feature for our community as well. The Garden Tour seemed to have a older crowd- but, the community celebration will have more younger people involved. Staging was discussed. Bill Craft would be a good downtown shot and possibly have kids our downtown with showing Bill Craft. And families using the trails and parks.
  3. Downtown Streetscape- They are still delayed- part of the shipment is in Attica but we are still waiting on the completion. Robie said that he does not have room for two benches, only one. Bob said that the benches are here and heavy and look good. Robie is really concerned about the lot where the building is being torn down. Bob assured him that it will be good. Robie wants to put apartments in his second floor of the building. They would overlook that empty space. We are planning on that space to be a pocket park. Robie will have good ideas.
  4. Duke- Jackson Street Lights- Duane is working on getting this through INDOT. Duane explained the details and they are having difficulty getting it through. We are at a standstill. Attica has made its first payment on the project. We are still working on getting the credit from Duke that we deserve from lights that we did not have. Bob said, ‘red tape’.
  5. Donations Report- $24,208 to date for Main Street. This number is for 3 years. Susan does not note the donations by year. Susan reviewed expenditures for recent events. Susan is working on separating the account toward city celebration, and twilight to list the expenses separately. Warren County community foundation gave towards Twilight. Cindy listed others that were contributing, Maus and Fountain Trust.
  6. Twilight Music Series. Bands and eateries were confirmed for the rest of the season. First one was Hwy 341 played and they had strawberry shortcake by Rotary, it was successful. The next music will be for the Community Celebration. TAF awarded us $5k grant for the Twilight series. They will want their logo on our promotions going forward. Cindy has the new billboard ready to go and will have their logo added. Cindy mentioned added a Saturday to this series to have ‘Wine in the Park’ and a ‘Beer Garden’ (with craft beers). Cindy has been brainstorming on the idea. She is thinking of having a group of wineries for an event. Cindy has some people that would work on that committee. Mike offered that our law enforcement is on top of stopping people if they have been drinking… and he would not want that to distract from the attendance to the event. Most people have a plan to not be in that situation, ie. Designated driver, walkability to the park for attendees. This event is meant to be a local event. Bob said that Noblesville promotes all their breweries for several events. We would love to see one of these breweries open a satellite here in Attica, possibly at the hotel.
    The pickle ball players have been working on cleaning up and maintaining the landscape of the park. The lights are up by the bandstand too.
  7. Patronicity- CreatINg Places. Crowd funding- 10- 100k. Bob presented information on available funding for communities. 50% must be from the city or non-profit. This group will lead us through the process and guide us and then supply half the money. The target needs to be set and needs to be realistic. There are some rules- but, they are all outlined. There needs to be someone to spearhead the project and get have it well planned. It is through Indiana Housing development monies. There is about $650k available currently.
  8. Placemaking – OCRA has come out with 5 1.5-day session meetings. It is free – we are all welcome to go. They are in Plymouth, Bloomington, Lafayette, Marion, Angola and one other. The Lafayette one is July 23rd and 24th. Marion is on October 11th and 12th. There is a limit of 35 registrations per meeting. Wabash Heritage Corridor was discussed. Cities will take advantage of planning events near the river. There are grants available to do these events… basically an easy $1000. We would do the event at Wabash Park. Cindy mentioned the ‘Ducks on the Wabash.’
  9. Other- The Neighbor had a good article. It looks like Lisa Jordan is doing an event downtown later in July. Paula and Dave Clark has said they would chair Christmas in Attica this year- Susan will confirm. Sheri shared that the schools are going to do a ‘Back to School Bash’ before school begins. They are looking at doing some projects with the athletic complexes. The big thing is that Attica needs a regulation size track that we can host events. This will mean that it needs to be moved to the school campus. The tennis courts need to be redone. There is a big vision for the years going forward to keep the school buildings improving etc. The board is discussing options and it is in the beginning stages. The goal is that the taxes would not go up.

Meeting Adjourned at 11am Next meeting will be held July 12th at 10am.