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Friday, September 18, 2020

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Attica Main Street – May 31, 2018

Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 10:00am.

Attica Main Street, Members present

  • Bob Shepherd – Pres.
  • Emily Harrison, Secretary
  • Mike Nicolas
  • Mayor Duane Roderick
  • Susan Stoll, Attica City Clerk Treasurer
  • Cindy Mason
  • Valerie Maus
  • Guest- Jacob Kerr- Mike Alsop Marketing
  1. Minutes
  2. AMS School meetings Last night was a meeting and it went well. Cindy explained the importance of good schools for a being ‘A Place to Be.’ We are working on recruiting and maintaining excellent teachers. Several initiatives are going on. Events once a month by businesses or organizations each month have begun. And bringing businesses in to be in the schools. Plaques will be done to recognize teachers with a recognition dinner. To get this initiative started it will take $6200, then the schools will keep the program running.   Then, Marketing for our schools and city. Kelly Hiller is leading this initiative. A video is in the works for the city. STEM is the third initiative of working on the schools.
  3. Streetscape- still no word- last week was supposed to be the week. Susan said they did not answer yesterday- this is for bike racks, trash, planters, and benches. This was through grants and matches. They were supposed to be in April- then, last week and now we still do not have them.
  4. Duke – Jackson Street Lights- still waiting on Duke.
  5. Donations report- no new ones. The total is $8,385.   Some businesses specified if there is a certain place they want their donation to use. Fireworks funding raising to put on the water bill was discussed to help raise more money. Candance Hunter reached out to Cindy and is interested in using a fund their family must help fun Twilight Music Series. She said a donation will be sent in- Susan confirmed that it had not arrived yet.
  6. Twilight Music Series. This has come about from Attica’s strategic comprehensive plan and bring back that feel of how special Attica is. The third Sunday of every month we have the series in McDonald Park. Food begins at 6 and music at 7pm. June 17th is the first one- Strawberry Shortcake by Rotary Highway 314 is the band. July will be Crosswords for food- and Big Swing Band for the music. August is Dave Clark’s band- 45 RPM for September and the Leadsmen Band for October. Other local talent will be brought in for opening acts. The community celebration is on June 30th and there will be activities, local vendors, and fireworks. The park where the music is located there is a children’s park for families to use while enjoying the music. As Jacob hears things at the dealership, Shepherd said that to be sure to bring things back to Main Street and share.
  7. Downtown parking- it was approved. An ordinance will be drawn up by Tom O’Connor. Emily commented that streets seem a little more dirty than usual and need extra attention. Duane said he will have them take an extra look and take extra care on our downtown streets.
  8. TIF- no new news. The neutralization has a deadline in June…. This will establish the base. Mike Alsop’s street may need to be added to our TIF district. Duane will investigate this and be sure it was done.
  9. City Long Term Plan- Cindy thinks we need another committee for the video.
  • Bob Shepherd provided a list of items that need to be addressed in Attica’s Long-Term Plan.
  • Extremity land use (2-mile radius),
  • downtown building architecture,
  • historic district infill housing design,
  • nice affordable rental apartments and condos,
  • planned housing, hotel restoration,
  • improve city ordinance enforcement,
  • assistant to the mayor – this seems critical to get more done.
  • economic development/promotions,
  • improvement in the City’s Walkability Score,
  • pool or splash park.
  • Planned housing for different groups- especially baby boomers
  • Talked about putting in housing in some of our vacant lots.

Discussion of building that is coming down in downtown and how the city is going to use this place.   It would be helpful to have meetings focusing on one item at a time by the Area Planning Commission was suggested. Looking for more places for people to sit down in downtown and have a lunch.

Bob Shepherd has a brochure in the works about the sculptures in the community. Valerie was interested if other organizations might be able to contribute their own sculpture to the community. Bob said that is what he was hoping to have happen. Bob was inspired by other communities doing similar things with sculptures.

Valerie brought up concern for our Public Pool. It will need money.   It was discussed to have a group do some fundraising for the pool and community.   The foundation would be a good start.   Splash parks was discussed because they are popular now and many cities are doing them.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:00am.
Respectfully submitted, Emily Harrison, Secretary of AMS