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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

News & Updates

Board of Works & Safety – May 15, 2018

The Board of Works and Safety for the City of Attica met, pursuant to Public Notice, on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 4:30 P.M. in the City Council Room.

Present was Board Member, Chris Gayler. Also present were Mayor Roderick, City Attorney, Tom O’Connor, and Clerk-Treasurer Susan Stoll.

Upon Motion duly made, seconded, and adopted, minutes from the previous Board of Works Meeting May 1, 2018 were approved as written.

Citizens petitions: 

Mike Nicolas put up signs around town about the wildflower bloom. He created signs warning people of mosquitos and asked if he could post them at the entrances of the trails. The Mayor said that would be fine.

Department Heads:

Ron Jean; Street and Water Superintendent, was present, with nothing to report.

Police Chief, Bob Cole, was present, with nothing to report.

Fire Chief, Ed O’Farrell, was present, he is concerned about downtown buildings if a fire occurs. A nighttime fire is especially concerning. 52 buildings are part of the downtown area, Mr O’Farrell and the Fire Department would like to contact owners regarding the structural soundness of these buildings. We don’t want to lose a firefighter.

Jeff Pycke, Building Commissioner, was present, he reported on 923 S. Perry, the owner moved out in 2016, and the roof is in poor condition. He also addressed a property at Canal St/Monroe St. Mr. O’Connor will investigate this some more. 

Unfinished Business: 

  1. Duke has told Tom O’Connor that the City does not need to do anything with the new light poles on US 28/Jackson St. They are working with INDOT.
  2. Mayor Roderick asked Ron Jean to put a sign up at the entrance to Circle Park.

New Business:


Mr. Gayler made a motion and Mayor Roderick made a second to approve all claims presented. All were in favor and the motion passed.

Utility Credits:

There were none.

Miscellaneous Business:

  1. Dirk Garriott will be hired to flyover downtown buildings to record overhead views. The old Masonic Lodge has a large hole in the roof and a bulging wall on alley side of the building. The awning in front of the building is drooping. The City has put caution tape out front.
  2. A motion was made by Mr. Gayler and seconded by Mayor Roderick for the Board of Works to give Tom O’Connor permission to file a suit of the recovery of damages that the City will incur when demolishing 106/108 S. Perry. All were in favor and the motion passed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned, and the next Board of Works meeting will be held on June 5, 2018 at 4:30 pm. (Mayor Roderick may not be there.)