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Saturday, September 19, 2020

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Attica Main Street – May 3, 2018

Call to Order the meeting was called to order at 10:00am.

Attica Main Street, Members present

  • Bob Shepherd – Pres.
  • Emily Harrison, Secretary
  • Mayor Duane Roderick
  • Susan Stoll, Attica City Clerk Treasurer
  • Cindy Mason
  1. Minutes
  2. Ed O’Farrell, Attica Fire Chief attended the meeting to share his concern with the stability of the downtown buildings.   He has been fire chief for 20 years. He is concerned about a fire downtown and having to make a decision of sending in one of his firefighters into a building that has not been cared for with unstable floors, walls etc. He is wanting to be proactive and trying to see if the building inspector can help with this issue. It was discussed and felt this was a city issue and not a Main Street issue. Mayor Roderick will take it to the city.
  3. AMS School meetings May 30th 6pm at the City Building.
    Teacher Retention- Teacher appreciation week is May 7th – 11th. Cindy has things lined up with businesses to show the teachers appreciation. DJ did some surveys of what teachers would like and they are bringing in therapists to do mini massages. Various other signs of appreciation will be throughout the week.
    Marketing- Kelly Hiller will work on a new website for AMS and promoting our community. The foundation approved $7250 to contribute to the work. The city will contribute the other half- $7250. This will cover the video (approx. 3 minutes) and the website and a brochure.
    Cindy is working to have a ACSC billboard posted listing our graduates and congratulating them. This will be a separate billboard from our standard community billboard. It will be up in May and for part of June.
  4. Downtown Streetscape- Susan will call Viktor Stanley to get an update on the delivery of the benches, bike racks, trash bins and planters. Exact locations will need be determined.
  5. Duke– Jackson Street Lights- Duke began the process. Endot is asking for a contract. A contract is in the works. Cindy mentioned that it would be a good idea to purchase poles that would match our street lights to use for banners and communicating special events. After discussion, it was determined the best location would be on Jackson outside the city building.
  6. Donations Report- Susan gave a printed update to the group. Currently, AMS has received $12,625 in response to our letter campaign asking for funds. Checks continue to come into AMS in support of our projects.
  7. Twilight Music Series. Cindy attended the public hearing at the Tippecanoe Public Library for the TAF Grant request. There was a formal reading of all the applications. Our request that Cindy submitted for the Twilight Music Series was the only one submitted from Fountain County. Cindy noted that it looked like they would like to see more advertising of the event. Kelly is will be working on the website so this will help address having more advertising for the Music Series. They also mentioned having more Ethic music diversity could be helpful. Cindy has a committee working with her to help with the Series. TAF should notify AMS later this summer if they are willing to give us the grant for the Music Series.
  8. Downtown Parking. The Elementary parking lines are scheduled to be painted on Sunday, May 6th. The downtown lines are not yet approved by the City Council.
  9. TIF- Therber and Brock are to do neutralization and lock in our current property values in our TIF district. It is part of the annual component for TIF.
  10. City Long Term Plan- Bob submitted a list of things that need to be addressed for our long term plan. Ordinance #8, 2017, extremity land use (2 mile radius), downtown building architecture, historic district infill housing design, nice affordable rental apartments & condos, planned housing, hotel restoration, improve city ordinance enforcement, assistant to the mayor – economic development and promotion, improvement in the City’s walkability and bicycle score. He looked into other cities’ long term plan and found one that looked like it could be similar to what Attica would be interested in creating. It was from Carlsbad, NM.
    There is a meeting tonight with the Area Planning Commission to discuss Ordinance #8, 2017 and make a recommendation. Suggestions were made and Susan took note to share with the group at tonight’s meeting.

A list of times and dates and places/scenes are needed to give to the group that will be creating the video showcasing our community. Emily offered to put together a good rough draft for the next meeting.

The City celebration will be Saturday, June 30th. Cindy is working on events for the day. There will be a 5k run in the morning starting at the high school. She has other things planned as well- trying to make the start of the run festive. There may be three or four wineries at the Twilight Series that evening as well. The firework show will be at the high school.

Meeting Adjourned at 12pm Next meeting will be held May 17th at 10am.

Respectfully submitted, Emily Harrison, Secretary of AMS