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Thursday, June 27, 2019

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Parks Board Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2018

Attending:  Board Members: Andy Smart, Barb Foster, Brian Duncan, and Mike Nicolas. Also attending were Mayor Duane Roderick, and Karley Gayler, Park Program Manager.

After Andy called the meeting to order, and approval with corrections of the last meeting’s minutes, Karley and Barb went over the pool needs, including

  • 10 lounger chair replacements.
  • Installation of a drain at the slide. It was determined to correct the drain condition with maintenance routines this year and attempt a more permanent solution next year.
  • There is a malfunctioning flush sensor in each of the bathrooms.
  • A new shepherd’s hook is needed.
  • The handicap lift is inoperative.
  • A good light is needed in equipment storage.
  • Sound system is inoperative.

It was decided there will be free swim lessons the first week the pool is open.

Brian and Karley report at least 4 or 5 more possibilities for lifeguard positions.

Barb and Karley will order swimsuits and other needed pool and staff clothing and equipment.

Duane and Brian will handle Health Dept. inspection.

The electrical contractor relocating pump room equipment to an above ground location reports he has about 4 weeks of work left.  This badly compresses our health testing and operational preparations for opening.

The Admissions view window is broken and a cut hazard and needs replaced.

Lisa Swanson from Shawnee Center requested use of the pool at dedicated times for a group of adults with disabilities.  The board granted her Tuesdays at 11:00AM to 12:00PM, which she said would be fine.

Brian will call Brian Walker about a class for lifeguards.  Mr. Walker says he needs 10 people to conduct the class.  After discussion it was decided that the need is so great, the board may make up the difference, help with fees, and recruit applicants in adjoining areas.

Expectations of managers was discussed, and the fact one must always be present on-site.

Andy expressed his desire that each board member take on a special interest in one area of parks responsibility.  He also expressed the desire to do another tour of park facilities after the current rush to get the pool set up and running for the season is over.

Mike showed the temporary signs to be posted announcing the spring wildflower bloom in Arms Woods and Ravine Park and informed the Board that the request to post the signs was approved by the City Council.  Ron Jean has said his crew will help with posting, if requested.

Minutes submitted by Mike Nicolas, who is responsible for all errors and omissions, even if he does not wish to be.