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Thursday, June 27, 2019

News & Updates

Parks Board Monthly Meeting Minutes – March 13, 2018

Attending:  Andy Smart, President, Barbara Foster, Vice President, Mike Nicolas, Acting Secretary, Dwayne Roderick, Mayor, Robert Shepherd, Former Mayor, and Delainey Spragg, Asst. Park Program Manager.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Andy read law authorizing Parks Board creation and powers.

Barb agreed to attend high school career day for the Department.

It was decided that Delainey Spragg will be Assistant Manager at the pool this year.

Electrical work at the pool is about 80% finished according to Ron Jean, Mike reported.  Also playground equipment repairs are underway.

Pool matters:

Barb reported notices of openings were sent to Attica, Seeger, and Fountain Central.

Applications that have already been received were read.

Mayor Roderick announced that AHS teacher Brian Duncan will fill our open Board seat, and after discussion it was decided that there will be no conflict if he is also appointed Pool Swim Coach.

Delainey Spragg was asked to provide a list of pool rules and procedures by the next meeting.  Barb will bring examples from Covington and other pools to next meeting.

Training and management, updated pool rules and rules for lifeguards, and the concessions stand menu will be decided at the next meeting.

Barb reports the pool will be open May 28 to August 5th.

It was decided that the pool manager will take a start and end of day inventory of the concession stand stock each day.  The feasibility of setting up the bar code scanner we have was discussed.  Mayor Roderick suggested Brian might be able to help us with that.

Total pay of pool employees and managers discussed as well as how to make the budget stretch and cover everyone.

Interviews for positions will be April 7.  Councilors at 9:00AM, Life guards at 10:00 AM, and Managers at 11:00 AM.

It was decided that at least one councilor needs to be male for accessing areas female councilors should not be asked to enter.

The park program will be five days a week.  There will be a Manager, Assistant Manager, and four Councilors, with alternates and substitute Councilors if within budget.

A request to make high school juniors eligible for Councilors positions passed unanimously.

Andy said we should consider asking for a grant from the Attica Community Foundation for first aid, CPR, and life guard certification.  Bob suggested consulting with Cindy Mason about it.

In other matters:

The Lion’s club building was discussed and whether it would be better to re-purpose it and remodel or tear it down with the consensus being it would be better to replace it.  It was mentioned that the Boy Scouts need to remove their equipment.

Mike agreed again to work with Susan on the parks part of the City website but has not been able to so far, and Andy said he would like to see our meeting minutes posted there.  Mike agreed.

Mike Nicholas mentioned he has ordered and will pay for temporary signs and a banner announcing when the wildflowers in Ravine Park and Arms Woods are in bloom to publicizing one of Attica’s assets.  The City Council has approved the posting at its last meeting.  There will be no cost to the City and the signs and banner will be donated to the Parks Dept.

Trails and bridges request:  Ron Jean says they can probably do one bridge a year.

Mike Nicolas will confer with Ron Jean about ways of using concrete rubble in Ravine Park to achieve both good erosion control and a good appearance.