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Attica Area Zoning and Planning Commission – June 22, 2017

6-22-17, 7 PM, City of Attica council room

Area Planning Commission attendees:

  • Larry Grant
  • Bill Craft
  • Tom Schott
  • Robin Jordan

Main Street Committee Member attendees:

  • Bob Shepherd
  • Cindy Mason
  • Susan Stoll
  • Mike Nichols
  • Jake Mediate

Also in attendance:

  • Tom O’Connor-City Attorney
  • Jeff Pycke-Building Commissioner
  • Connie Fonner-citizen

Call to order by Larry Grant. Larry turned the discussion over to Cindy Mason from the Main Street Committee. Cindy provided copies of the portion of the 2016 Comprehensive Plan which addresses land use. Mayor Roderick spoke about reviving and caring for the buildings that exist on Perry Street downtown. He also spoke about the south end of the City and possible future development. Tom O’Connor spoke about City limits on the south end of town. Our city limits extend to just past the Christian Church at 41/Sycamore St. We still have zoning control over the 2-mile zone beyond our city limits (that does for all borders of the city limits).

We agreed that it is very important to address existing ordinance violations. We should enforce laws we have in place. Require vacant properties to be kept up to standards.

Robin Jordan asked the question, whom should be called if trash left out, weeds are high, properties are in poor condition? Anyone at the city building can be informed and the message will be passed along to either the police for ordinance violations, our Street Superintendent for high grass and weeds, and our Building Commissioner for unsafe buildings or run-down properties.

Tom O’Connor asked, do we need to change the cities’ zoning ordinance?   1968 was the year our existing zoning laws were established. They have not changed. We currently do not have mixed zoning on the books.

Suggested modifications to our existing zoning laws:

  1. If spot zoning is allowed, add the provision that if it is allowed, upon a change in ownership, it would revert to the prior zoning classification.
  2. Allow mixed zoning in our downtown district.

Should we adopt a land use policy for future development? The consensus is yes, we should have a goal of putting a policy in writing.

Cindy suggested that we compile an inventory of vacant lots or underused properties (either vacant or in poor/run down condition).

The Area Planning Commission and Main Street Committee will meet again on Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 7 PM.