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Saturday, July 24, 2021

News & Updates

Attica Area Zoning and Planning Commission – July 20, 2017

7-20-17, 7 PM, City of Attica council room

Area Planning Commission attendees:

  • Larry Grant
  • Bill Craft
  • Tom Schott
  • Robin Jordan
  • Emily Harrison
  • Matthew Madden

Main Street Committee Member attendees:

  • Cindy Mason
  • Susan Stoll
  • Mike Nicholas

Also in attendance:

  • Tom O’Connor-City Attorney
  • Jeff Pycke-Building Commissioner

Call to order by Larry Grant. A discussion on adding a tenth zoning district to the city code was discussed. The idea is to allow a mixed-use district in the downtown area. Tom O’Connor said he would draft an ordinance to provide to the Council at their next meeting. This zoning would allow commercial use in the store fronts at street level and allow residences at the rear of first floor buildings and floors above the first floor.

The idea of granting zoning with conditions was also discussed. It is not permissible to allow rezoning which would include a provision that the property revert to the previous zoning classification upon the sale of the property. Tom O’Connor said that cities get around that by adopting an ordinance allowing conditional rezoning agreements. He will draft an ordinance to present to the Council at their next meeting.

Some discussion took place about the desire to avoid spot zoning in the future.

Another item discussed was the desire to update our zoning map. Mayor Roderick said he would invite Brian Pohler from HWC Engineering to attend our next meeting.

The question was posed, should the Area Planning Commission consider updating our Commercial Zoning language?

Also, should covenants be adopted in the downtown area to preserve charm and character in the future?

The next meeting will be held in another month on Thursday, August 17 at 7 PM at the City Council Room/City Building.