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Attica Area Zoning and Planning Commission – February 1, 2016

The Attica Area Zoning and Planning Commission met at 5:00 PM on February 1, 2017 in the City Court Room for a Public Hearing requesting the rezoning of 1215 S. Brady St. from an R1 to R3.

Members in attendance were: Larry Grant, Bill Craft, Ed Bowen, Robin Jordan and City Attorney, Tom O’Connor.

Also in attendance were Tawnia Adams, Jennie Douglas, Ron Holtcamp, Dave Abolt, Mike Nicolas.

Mr. Grant invited Tawnia Adams to speak. She would like to leave the property “as is”, with 3 rental units. She said that was how the house was when she bought it. Someone else had converted it into 3 apartments.

Mr. Grant opened the discussion up to the floor.

Jennie Douglas who lives at 1210 S. Brady St. stated:

  • With multiple apartments there is more of a chance it can look bad.
  • Unsafe location for parking
  • Increased traffic on that corner with lots of kids makes it unsafe

Mr. Holtcamp stated:

  • He can only remember it as a single family or single family w/ceramic shop.
  • He can tell a difference in the upkeep of this house.
  • There are many projects going on at this house but none seem to get completed.

Dave Abolt who lives across Sycamore St. stated:

  • He doesn’t remember it being anything but a single family residence.
  • Siding has not been replaced for 3 years and window trim has not been replaced.
  • There are people always in and out.
  • 4-5 cars were parked there last summer and a truck has been there unmoved for 3 years.
  • He feels this depreciates the neighborhood.

Mike Nicolas, a nearby S. McDonald St resident stated:

  • He has been a homeowner here since Aug. 2016, and everything around it is zoned R1.
  • He is trying to improve his home and would like the neighborhood to remain R1.

Mr. Grant read some hand written notes that were given to him.

Written by adjacent property owner, Marilyn Billingsly:

  • There has been missing siding and no window trim for 3 years.
  • Infrequent mowing
  • Police have been called 3 times.

Written by Donna Wesley who lives across the street for 5 yrs:

  • Police have been called several times, man urinating outside.
  • Yard is not kept up, home is run down.

Zoning Board Members that weren’t in attendance

Dolly Zollars submitted:

  • Declining property for adjacent property owners
  • An assessors list of the condition of all the Adam’s city owned properties was provided and the list shows they are all in fair to very poor condition.
  • She does not endorse the change.

Emily Harrison submitted:

  • There is no parking at this home.
  • She does not endorse downgrading the zoning classification.

Mr. Grant then began the committee discussion;

Mr. Craft stated:

  • It had been well kept inside and out in its’ past life and is not being kept in good condition now.
  • The yard is muddy and cars are parked on the side of the house.
  • He does not recommend to allow R3.

Mrs. Jordan stated:

  • She lives in the neighborhood and has noticed police there.
  • The house needs to be finished.
  • This sits on an important corner near the school and would be nice to look tidier
  • Her opinion is to remain R1.

Mr. Bowen stated:

  • Sycamore St. is a heavy traffic area, with no parking at this residence.
  • Multi-units do not exist anywhere in this area, and spot zoning is a bad thing.
  • Recommends this to remain R1.

Mr. O’Connor advised the Board that their job is to investigate and recommend.

  • Does this request go against the master plan of the City?
  • There should be a motion. The final decision will be with the City Council, based on facts: values of property, parking is not available, no other multi-family homes exist, this is a heavy traffic area.

Mrs. Jordan made a motion to recommend to the Council to keep the property zoned R1. Mr. Bowen seconded the recommendation to the Council. Vote: 4-0.

Mr. O’Connor announced that this recommendation will go in front of the Council to adopt the recommendation or allow rezoning at the next regular meeting scheduled for February 13, 2017.

Meeting adjourned at 6:38 pm.