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Area Zoning and Planning Commission – December 12, 2016

The Attica Area Zoning and Planning Commission met at 5:00 PM on December 12, 2016 in the City Court Room for a Public Hearing requesting to Subdivide of property located at 100 N. Council St.

Members in attendance were: Larry Grant, Bill Craft, Ed Bowen, Jeff Pycke, and City Attorney, Tom O’Connor.

Also in attendance were Ron Jean and Jo Pugh.

Tom O’Connor recommendation for the City was for the Main House to provide an easement to the Little House. Reducing the lot size is not a problem in Larry Grant’s opinion. The Art Studio is tied into the sewer line independently. Water hook-up is on Main St. and sewer hook-up is in the alley. Zoning will remain as R1, the Art studio is considered an accessory building which will become a home occupation. The water will be ran to Main St and Ron Jean is unsure of where it hooks up for the smaller building.

Tom O’Connor stated that both properties have to have access to the water and sewer. Condition upon access, new sewer tap or an easement, Protect the City in the future.

The owner of the big house to give access to the owner of the small house at the time of sale. The small house has the right to access the sewer through the big house.

Ed Bowen motioned to grant the subdivision provided both properties have access to the utilities. Bill Craft seconded, All were in favor, and Motion passed.