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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

News & Updates

Board of Works & Safety – December 5, 2017

The Board of Works and Safety for the City of Attica met, pursuant to Public Notice, on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 4:30 P.M. in the City Council Room.

Roll Call

Present was Mayor Duane Roderick and Board Members Chris Gayler and Andy Smart. Also present were City Attorney Tom O’Connor and Clerk-Treasurer Susan Stoll.

Upon Motion duly made, seconded, and adopted, minutes from the previous Board of Works Meeting (Nov 21, 2017) were approved as written.

Citizens’ Petitions

There were no citizens petitions to be presented to the Board.

Department Head Reports

Ron Jean; Street and Water Superintendent, was present, and reported they had finished curb-side leaf pick-up today. Leaves must be bagged now, they will use the backhoe for larger amounts of leaf pick-up at this point. They are now picking up brush. Waste-water bids were opened and are under analysis by HWC. The lowest bid came in higher than the estimate previously discussed by the engineering firm, HWC.

Police Chief, Bob Cole, was present with nothing to report

Fire Chief, Ed O’Farrell, was present with nothing to report

Jeff Pycke, Building Commissioner, was present, he reported he checked on Ivy Lane property after receiving complaints. The property is deteriorating but it is not unsafe. A USDA Rural Development sign is in the window. Neighbors are unhappy about the condition/appearance of the property.

Unfinished Business

  1. Mr. Bieneman was not present to speak about the progress he has made on repairs to the building he owns at 201 S. Perry St. This is the second meeting he has not attended or given the Board of Works an update.
  2. Chief O’Farrell spoke about the two fire truck bids we opened at the November 21st Board of Works. The truck from Spencer is designed with new technology. It has a poly body, has a unique water containment system that is held through the entire frame of the truck instead of being contained in one large tank, and features a design that when you open doors on one side of the vehicle, you can see all the way through to the other side of the truck. The fire department members and chief are interested in this vehicle over the one from Hoosier Fire. Chief O’Farrell stated that the vehicle from Hoosier Fire is basically the same design as the current truck the AFD owns, no updated design features are incorporated. The price of the Hoosier Fire truck with all the features which were quoted by Spencer, is higher in price than the Spencer vehicle.

New Business

The utility credits, as presented, were approved except for the water and tax credit for Nancy Fisher’s leak.

Mr. Smart noticed a crack n the north side of the Canada Street bridge. Mayor Roderick said he will contact Bud Peach and ask the county, who is responsible for bridges, to inspect the bridge and let us know his opinion.


Upon Motion duly made and carried, the claims, as presented, were approved.

Miscellaneous Business

Mayor Roderick reported that the owner of the hotel promised to secure the wall before winter.

Mayor Roderick announced that Bob Howard from the Moose Lodge contacted him to say the church will be giving hayrides around town on Friday night to look at Christmas lights.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:55 P.M. and the next Board of Works meeting will be held on December 19, 2017 at 4:30 pm.