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Friday, September 24, 2021

News & Updates

2017 Year in Review Attica – The Place to BE

The City of Attica had a great year. I say this first by thanking you, the great citizens of Attica. Many have stepped up and taken new roles that are important to our future.

We re-established our redevelopment commission which has led to the beginning of our TIF district. This is the Wikipedia definition of TIF:

“Tax increment financing (TIF) is a public financing method that is used as a subsidy for redevelopment, infrastructure, and other community-improvement projects. “

This does not mean it will raise your taxes. It means that any increased value in the district that generates increased taxes will stay in Attica to be used as stated above.

We were able to complete $116,250 in road repairs thanks to a 50/50 match from INDOT through a Community Crossings grant. Repairs, such as paving, were completed on 3rd Street, Main Street, Monroe, and also crack filling on Perry. This year the Community Crossings grant was 75/25 so we were able to receive $187,770.00. This will allow the city to do $250,000 in road repairs in 2018.

2018 will also see major upgrades to our sewer facility. The city was awarded an IOCRA grant for $550,000.00. The total cost of the project will be around 5,000,000.00 but these changes must be done because the facility is 50 years old and must be updated to be compliant with IDEM.

The Attica Main Street Committee continues to move forward. The group has been, pardon the pun, instrumental for the Summer Music series, the Community Celebration, Community Billboards, and the new Welcome signs, to name a few things.  Also, new street lights are in the works. We are continually looking forward to keep Attica the place to be.

I know that I have left some things out but on a final note I would like to thank our council and our community for coming together at the last council meeting regarding Paws n Claws. It was evident that both sides had a lot of passion about animals and there had been some previous misunderstanding. Everyone worked together and that is what makes this such a great city.

Thank You!

Duane Roderick
Mayor, City of Attica