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Monday, October 22, 2018

News & Updates

Council Proceedings – November 13, 2017

The Common Council for the City of Attica met on November 13, 2017, at 6:00 P.M. pursuant to public notice.

Those present at the meeting were: board members; Mr. Larry Askren, Mr. Bill Craft, Mrs. Valarie Maus and Mr. Matthew Madden. Also present were: Mayor Roderick; Attorney, Tom O’Connor and Clerk-Treasurer, Susan Stoll.


A motion was made by Mr. Madden and seconded by Mrs. Maus for approval of the minutes from the October 9, 2017 Council Meeting, all were in favor and the motion passed.


Ben Bowles came to speak on behalf of the organization, the Attica North Neighborhood Association (ANNA). He first spoke about the activities that ANNA has done and continues to do for citizens living in north neighborhoods in Attica. They have helped citizens in many ways. Recently, ANNA collaborated with the American Red Cross and the Attica Fire Department to distribute free smoke alarms to any resident living in a north neighborhood. ANNA volunteers went door to door offering this service on November 4. They still have smoke alarms available for citizens who were not able to have one installed on November 4. 133 smoke alarms were installed on Nov. 4 and another 50+ since that date. Mr. Bowles suggested that this might be something the council/city would like to collaborate with the American Red Cross for the remainder of the city. ANNA would be willing to help in the effort.

Larry Grant came to speak about his granddaughter’s grave site in Riverside Cemetery. He shared pictures of the base of her grave. Our cemetery crews had used a weed eater to such a degree that the grass was completely removed, and dirt was exposed. To prevent the dirt from becoming muddy and having a poor appearance, Mr. Grant placed flat rock that filled up the area with dirt. At some point, our cemetery crews removed the rocks that Mr. Grant placed to cover the bare spots. Mr. Grant said that he feels our weed eating is excessive and he is not happy with the way the grave site is being treated. Mr. Jean stated that he did not wish to disrespect the sensitivity of the situation but said that because they maintain 40 acres, it takes 3 weeks to weed eat the entire cemetery. They are trying to keep up with the growth of vegetation with the amount of people he can find to hire for this seasonal work. Larry Askren and Valarie Maus are our cemetery committee. They were asked to meet with the Mayor and Ron Jean to discuss our rules and this issue before our next Council meeting.


Matthew Madden and Valarie Maus were assigned to serve as the committee to evaluate the funding by the city for Paws N Claws to move to a new building at I 74 in Veedersburg. Paws N Claws have asked for a financial commitment of $28,000 a year to operate the new facility. Currently the City is contracted to pay Paws N Claws $17,000 a year to operate the city animal shelter in the city-owned building on Water Street. Matthew and Valarie feel that the City has made a significant contribution to the shelter by providing the building up to this point. Mr. Madden said he would like to see the shelter offer grooming services to help defray some of the extra costs associated with this move. Mr. Madden stated that other towns live trap wildlife and Paws N Claws doesn’t. He and Valarie recommend that we send a contract committing to $17,000 a year in 2018.

Larry Askren and Josh Hall met as a committee to discuss a petition by Phillis Pattengale to allow her to not be required to pay for a water tap and establish a utility account with the City. Mr. Askren reported that after the first of the year, a utility account would need to be set up with the city and minimum charges be billed for water, trash and storm water. We will not require her to tap onto city water at this time.


Street Superintendent, Ron Jean: present. The leaf vacuum machine has begun leaf pick-up and we have crews collecting leaves that have been raked to the curb. Mr. Madden followed up with Mr. Jean about the request to paint new parking lines at the elementary school. Mr. Jean reported that other things have kept him from accomplishing this task. No progress has taken place yet. Mr. Madden also followed up on the placement of the “Slow Children” signs on S. Brady St. Mr. Jean reported that a sign was placed on each end of a three-block section of Brady Street.

Attica Police Chief Cole: present. There were 475 runs in October. He believes that the department is on track to have 5000 runs for the year. The Local Coordinating Council (LCC) has awarded the APD with $4500 towards the purchase of 2 in-car cameras. Also, the APD will be awarded a 50% grant towards vest purchases. There will be no news on the “Cops” grant until the end of November. The Jag grant that Chief Cole applied for is still pending.

Attica Fire Department Chief O’Farrell: not present.

Building Commissioner, Jeff Pycke: present. He reported that he received complaints about two unsafe buildings. He has sent letters to the owners asking them to repair.


Mayor Roderick reported that Attica Main Street has interest in changing existing parallel parking to angled parking in the middle and south blocks of Perry Street downtown. The north block is too narrow and isn’t being considered for angled parking. Ron Jean will be getting a quote on painting lines.

Mr. Madden brought up the tabled topic of the purchase of a new fire truck. He informed the council that he contacted a broker in Indianapolis who said that he has used trucks that the city might consider instead of purchasing a new vehicle. Mayor Roderick said that sealed bids will be opened at the November 21st Board of Works. Two companies have expressed interest in bidding. We have asked they include trade-in values for the truck that the fire department wishes to replace.

Mr. O’Connor announced that to officially vacate the alley south of the Attica Hotel, which the council verbally approved in the October council meeting, an ordinance must be passed and recorded. He introduced Ordinance # 14, 2017 that serves that purpose. Mr. Askren made a motion to read for the first time in full and for a second time in title only. Mr. Craft offered to second the motion. All were in favor and the motion passed. Upon reading, Mrs. Maus made a motion to suspend the rules, read for the third time in full and adopt. Mr. Askren offered a second. A vote was taken, and the motion was passed by a vote of 4-0.



Mayor Roderick announced the Attica Redevelopment Commission and the Area Planning Commission are scheduled to meet on November 20th to consider adopting declaratory resolutions establishing an economic development area.

Sycamore Street construction is now complete. Mrs. Maus said a couple of residents have complained to her about light poles not being lit. Duke Energy is supposed to be fixing them. There are the same number of lights as before construction.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 PM. The next Council meeting will be held Monday, December 11, 2017.