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Friday, September 24, 2021

News & Updates

City of Attica Newsletter March 2017

The City of Attica will start to see some street improvements this year. In 2016 we received $54,650 from INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) to match funds that we received from senate bill 67 which were LOIT (Local Option Income Tax). The city will see work on 3rd Street, Main Street, Monroe Street and also will crack fill on Perry Street. This will total $116,250 on improvements. The Sycamore Street project is also scheduled for this year. Trees will begin to be cleared the week of March 20th .

The next big project will be the sewer plant. It was built in 1968 and is very outdated. It is phase 2 of the city’s long term CSO(Combined Sewer Overflow) plan. Phase 1 was completed in 2011 and was known as the Mill Street project.

The Main Street Committee has also been very active, meeting bi-weekly. We have been looking into several opportunities including new street lights for downtown, ways to fund it, and ways to achieve economic development in the future.

Let’s all work together to keep Attica “The Place to be” .