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Board of Works & Safety – August 6, 2013

The Board of Works and Safety for the City of Attica met, pursuant to Public Notice, on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 12:00 P.M. in the City Council Room. Present were Board Member Duane Roderick, City Clerk, Susan Stoll, Mayor, Bob Shepherd and City Attorney, Tom O’Connor.


The minutes from the July 16, 2013 meeting were presented. Mr. Roderick made a motion to pass them, Mayor Shepherd seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.


There were no citizen petitions to be presented to the Board.


Mr. Jean said Kyle Knosp was interested in having a legal document from the city about dumping on his property.
Chief Cole is taking applications for regular and reserve officers for future hiring. The kennel is being installed in the police vehicle. One of the Chevy Blazers is sold, the other is in the process of being sold. There has been no word on the Rural Development Grant yet. 800 McDonald St. was cited with an ordinance violation for trash and a mattress being in the yard.
Mr. O’Farrell had nothing to discuss.

Mr. Dismore was not present.


Mayor Shepherd discussed 802 Taylor St. In the past it was scheduled to be demolished and then the brother of the owner intervened and promised to do some work. That hasn’t actually happened and Mayor Shepherd is interested to know what might be done next. Mr. O’Connor said he would speak to Mr. Dismore about this matter.

Mr. Huckleberry wished to speak about 100 Ruby Rd. but he was not present so this item was tabled.


There was no new business discussed.


Claims were presented for approval for payment. Mr. Roderick made a motion to approve the claims. Mr. Shepherd seconded and the motion was passed.


There was no miscellaneous business discussed.


With no further business to discuss, Mr. Roderick made a motion. Mayor Shepherd seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.