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Council Proceedings – June 10, 2013

The Common Council for the City of Attica met on the 10th of June, 2013, at 5:00 P.M.

Those present were: Mr. Wilson, Mr. Askren, Mr. Grant, Mr. Craft, Mrs. Maus, Mayor Shepherd, Mrs. Stoll and Mr. O’Connor.


Mr. Askren made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 13, 2013 meeting, seconded by Mr. Craft and passed.


Sherry Bowlus complained about the mobile home that was moved from the river front to Perry St. She said it was bad smelling and she would like to know if it would moved out of the neighborhood. Chief Cole reported that it is a titled and registered trailer which is not prohibited by the city’s existing ordinances. Greg Robinson from the Bi-County Health Department spoke and said he did an inspection of the trailer and asked that an open sewer cap be used on the trailer, and the owner complied. He no longer had a problem with the trailer once that was corrected. Tyler Bowlus asked what would happen if the trailer wasn’t moved as promised by the following Monday. If the trailer is not moved as promised, the public might be able to issue a legal complaint of public nuisance.

Wayne Foster spoke about his appreciation of the work that Ron Jean and the city did on repairing his sewer line.

Sandy Shonkwiler inquired about the policy on allowing dogs at the cemetery. She wanted to know if they were allowed if they were on a leash or not at all. Mayor Shepherd asked the Cemetery Committee to meet before the next council meeting and report back.

Scott Gregory handed out a document about the “Attica Heritage Days” committee and a rough map of the location of the event.


The “Police and Firemen” Standing Committee reported on the city’s existing open burning ordinance. Mr. Craft and Mr. Grant reported that they edited the existing document to make it easier to understand and also added some changes. Those changes were discussed and Mrs. Maus made a motion that Ordinance #5, 2013, An Ordinance Amending Chapter 6, Division II, Section 6-110 Entitled Burning Restrictions be read for the first time in full; 2nd time by title only; tabled and published.


Mr. Jean announced that notices have been sent out warning owners of homes to mow overgrown yards.

Chief Cole handed out statistics for police activity for May 2013. He informed the council that the new police vehicle was being striped this week. Equipment will be installed after that. The canine vehicle was totaled in a car accident. Chief Cole is seeking grants to replace this vehicle. In the meantime, the Tahoe will be retrofitted to be the canine vehicle. Chief Cole reported that there are $30,000 outstanding unpaid fines that he plans to try to collect.

Mr. O’Farrell reported that repairs to the aerial truck are close to being finished. Additionally, the squad pump is being repaired locally as it was out of service due to not being able to pump water.

Mr. Dismore gave an update on 802 Taylor St. This property is next on the list to be demolished. He has a name of an owner of 606 Summit St. but no address for that contact so this property is at a standstill for now. 605 N. 5th St. is another property in which he cannot reach an owner to discuss the property. Mr. Dismore reported that he had a message put on the city sign alerting owners who are putting a pool in their yard to follow state regulations on fence requirements.


Mr. Askren made a motion to adopt Resolution #3, 2013, A Resolution of the City of Attica, Indiana Adopting an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transitional Plan. Mr. Wilson seconded the motion. All were in favor and the Resolution was adopted.

Mayor Shepherd spoke about the progress that has been made on the GIS-Mapping project. The new computer that was purchased for the Clerk Treasurer is equipped to handle the new GIS software. The first version of the zoning map has been completed and is in the clerk’s office. Water and sewage lines, sign inventory and the tree inventory will all be layered onto this map.

Mayor Shepherd spoke to Allen Jones/Fountain County Highway Supervisor about grinding the surface off of the Canada Street Bridge and resurfacing the entire bridge. We will wait to hear back from Mr. Jones on this matter.


It was announced that a luncheon was held for the unveiling of the new downtown mural design. Carol DeSutter was presented a check for her design. Tuck pointing and priming of the wall is in the works. A painter is being secured for the next phase of the project.

The “Street and Sewer” Standing Committee were asked to review our existing rules on golf carts being driven on city streets. This committee should come back to the council with their recommendations.


Mayor Shepherd reported that the tree inventory project will begin in July and August. The firm that we hired will be around the city assessing locations, types, shapes of trees on city property with the goal of making recommendations to the city on the maintenance of those trees.

The DeTrash the Wabash activity that the Gilmore family had organized for the end of May was postponed due to flooding of the riverfront during the time that the event was to take place. They may reschedule this event in the fall.

Mayor Shepherd reported that a 15% loss is predicted on the trees that were planted in the Wildlife Sanctuary. There is a tree nursery nearby for replacing those trees that we lose.

Mrs. Stoll inquired as to how many free pool passes the Council were comfortable issuing for residents who show a financial hardship. Mr. Grant said that Mrs. Stoll should use her judgement but wished that no one be turned away at least for this year. Mrs. Stoll said she would keep records of passes given away so she could report back to the council after the summer season to help them decide if they wish to do it again next year.

It was reported that the Health Department has a new law that requires a sign to be placed on the door of a house where Meth was made warning of hazardous conditions. The sign will not be taken down until the Health Department deems the property to be safe to enter.


With no further business to discuss, Mr. Askren made a motion to adjourn. Mrs. Maus seconded the motion. All were in favor and the meeting was adjourned.